Botswana Safaris – Child’s Play

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Family Safaris in Botswana

There are endless opportunities for a family Botswana safari with children.

It’s a myth that it is not a suitable to undertake a Botswana safari with children.

We work with properties that take children from birth (limited number of properties so book well in advance) right through to teens and adults of course.   Nothing beats the opportunity to discover the wonders of the African wilderness together. One of the special attractions of Exclusive family safaris with children is the exclusivity available as we organise families to have sole use of vehicle and guide and even camps! It allows the daily schedule to be flexible and to be tailored around the ages and interests of each child and indeed family member.

The key to running brilliant safaris with kids is keeping them interested and stimulated so the nature of activities is modified to provide shorter activities with more diversity, hands on interaction and fun for the children on safari.  We like to choose camps with specialist guides who are highly experienced in working with children so parents can relax and enjoy the wilderness and participate at their own leisure.

One of our all time favourites is called Footsteps. This is a private camp set up just for your family in the Shinde concession of the Delta region. It is exclusive use camp with outstanding guides.

Another wonderful option is in the Makgadikadi Pans region where children can meet the meerkats, head out on quad bikes, interact with San bushmen and so much more. Camps there we use for families are Camp Kalahari and Planet Baobab.

A lesser known option and yet hugely rewarding with children from birth has to be owner operated Meno A Kwena. It sits between the Okavango Delta and the Central Kalahari region and offers families a wonderful introduction to safari life. Tented accommodation, ensuite bathrooms are huge and can accommodate up to 3 kids.


With fantastic main areas split over the property there are multiple ways to escape other guests and enjoy moments with your little ones when in camp. Simply sit at the pool and watch wildlife come to drink from the river below or in the bar tent, the dining tent, in one of the wildlife hides. It really is well laid out and respectful of people wanting space.

The safari activities are brilliant with game drives viewing wildlife along the Boteti River in Makgadikgadi Pans National Park with picnic lunch and boat transfers along the river. Walk with San Busnmen guides to experience nature from their perspective. Boat cruises up the river on sunset, salt plan and meerkat safaris, scenic flights over the pans, star gazing, cultural interactions and more. The guides here are phenomenal, with so many years experience not only in game drives but as safari operators who lead mobile safaris throughout Botswana (another attraction for families). These guides certainly add so much to your family safari holiday with wonderful personalities, fascinating stories and the ability to share the magic of flora and fauna with your family.  Our personal favourite is the floating wildlife viewing hide. This twenty five square metre floating pontoon gets you right down by the river so you watch at eye level as elephants come to drink.  The safari vehicles are converted 4×4 and there are enclosed vehicles when travelling with small children to open sided vehicles. It all depends on where you go exploring whilst here and the ages of your children. More on family safaris with kids here.

If you are travelling to Botswana with bigger kids, the options really open up and nothing beats a mobile camping experience in the heart of the Okavango Delta.  The families we’ve sent camping have loved every minute and the parents say kids put down the devices and totally immerse in the moment being in the bush. They learn how to identify animal footprints (spoors), have fun target practice throwing dung (kids and poo always a hit) and so much more.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you and the family to Botswana.

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