Botswana Explorer Part One: Botswana’s Desert

posted 13th November 2018 by katie branson in Accommodation

Botswana’s Desert

Botswana is one of Encompass Africa’s favourite destinations, not only due to the prolific and world famous wildlife viewing opportunities, but also due to the sheer variety of landscapes, environments and experiences this country has to offer. It is both desert and delta, and these contrasting areas offer unique and unforgettable activities involving both wildlife and people.

In this blog we will talk about Botswana’s Desert and why we believe it should be on your wish list.

Desert and Pans

Botswana’s desert and pans region covers two thirds of the country, with accommodation ranging from well priced lodges to luxurious tented camps. One of the most iconic accommodations in the Botswana desert is San Camp – truly remote, lit only by paraffin lamps with luxury tented rooms surrounded by white salt pans of the Makgadikgadi. It almost feels other-worldly. From this camp and its two sister camps, Jacks Camp and Camp Kalahari, you have the opportunity to interact with a family of habituated meerkats. If you are lucky and sit quietly they may come to stand on your head to use it as a look-out post! Other wildlife in this region includes the huge black mane Kalahari lion, brown hyena, elephant, jackal, as well as the amazing zebra migration. The zebra migration takes place in the Makgadikadi and Nxai Pan region between January and March/April and is an incredible spectacle to see. A dazzle of zebra against the stark white pans is stunning.

In addition to wildlife viewing, the Makgadikgadi Pan lodges offers quad biking, horse-riding, sleep outs on the salt pans (weather dependent), and an incredibly insightful walk with the San Bushman, which is also offered by lodges in the Nxai Pan National Park. Known to be one of the most authentic cultural interactions in Africa, you will learn about this indigenous tribe’s way of life, how they hunt and gather, and how they use bush medicine to treat ailments and illnesses.

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