Africa Travel Trends 2019

posted 28th January 2019 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

What we are seeing

Africa Travel trends 2019 / 2020

As memories of Christmas fade into the heat haze and the school holidays come to an end, the question of where to travel in 2019/2020 is on our minds. Whilst some people choose a new continent to explore each year, we keep exploring Africa, year after year, with its new offerings, experiences and locations ensuring our thirst for it is never quite quenched.

Overarching travel trends that started to emerge in 2018 and resonate this year are around digital detoxes, travelling sustainably and more conscientiously, and getting off the grid to lesser-known destinations with huge reward because of their difference.

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Africa travel trends 2019

Digital detox

Our level of digitalisation has never been higher. Emails are read and replied to in bed. You can be watching the news, working on your laptop and receiving messages on your phone all at once. Wi-Fi is even available on airlines which, whilst convenient for many has seen a spike in people seeking the ability and opportunity to switch off when they go on holidays.

So the big Africa travel trend 2019 is digital detox.  There surely is not a more suited digital detox than going on safari in a remote wilderness location with wildlife all around you. Many of the camps have no telephones, Wi-Fi or even radio. In case of an emergency, the only contact with the outside world is satellite phones!

Does this sound like your travel antidote for 2019/2020?

Just imagine…

Rising before the sun, spending hours outside on foot or open 4×4 vehicles exploring wilderness where animals roam freely.

Sitting by open campfires engaging in the age old activity of storytelling.

Falling asleep to the sounds of lions roaring.

The ultimate digital detox where your soul is revived, your spirit soars high and the simple things in life are the best. The only time you reach for your technology devices is to capture photographs of the African safari magic.

Africa travel trend 2019: digital detox tips

Zambia was once the hidden gem in Africa. Now it is becoming more and more popular for good reason. There are a number of truly magical, remote regions where guests can truly escape and switch off. Our favourite for 2019 has to be Kafue National Park.

Kafue National Park is the oldest and largest in Zambia. It remains little-known and largely unexplored even though it’s relatively close to Lusaka and easily accessed by road or air. Boasting impressive tracts of virgin bush still untouched, a range of habitats exist and are home to an impressive array of diverse wildlife.

Kafue has something for everyone from rustic, authentic tented camps to high end luxury sustainable safari lodges.

Another favourite of ours is Malawi. This little land locked country offers so much for those seeking a digital detox. It combines well with Zambia thanks to direct flights and here you can safari, village visit and even escape to the islands within the world famous lake. Visit Malawi and one of our favourites, Kaya Mawa for the island retreat and Green Safari Lodge for the ultimate safari. This is an African travel digital detox match made in heaven.

Ila Safari Lodge, Kafue, sundowner, Zambia safari
Kafue, Zambia, Zambia Safari
South Luangwa, Safari, Zambia wildlife safari
Images courtesy of our partners and EA team

Africa travel trends 2019

Sustainable and conscientious travel

There is no escaping the fact that our planet is suffering at the hands of humans. Whilst there is no slowing down for many people desperate to travel and see as much of the world as humanly possible, there is another trend quickly emerging.

Travellers by nature seek personal reward. More and more our guests want to travel and know they can do so sustainably, making a positive difference rather than a negative one.

This is what we call sustainable and conscientious travel or ethical exploring.

So Africa of course is one of our favourite bastions of sustainable and conscientious travel. It boasts endless opportunities to explore at a slower pace in a low impact way with an emphasis on personal reward.

We call it making a difference one safari at a time.  Our holidays ensure guests see the incredible wildlife in natural habitats, explore true wilderness untouched by humans and visit villages for authentic interactions not touristy shows where you feel obliged to dig deep even though you’ve paid for the privilege in the first place.

In Africa, our preferred experiences ensure the welfare of wildlife and people.  Emphasis is on solar energy, plastic free environments and support of local businesses, services and products.

You would arrive into camp, be given a reusable water bottle, eat food locally grown and prepared and stay in low carbon footprint camps and lodges.

In addition, the camps and lodges we support have their own foundations in place, ensuring strong support to the local community and grassroots projects – so one person’s travel does really benefit many more people than just themselves.

Africa travel trend 2019: Sustainable and conscientious travel

Tanzania is not only an incredible destination for safari, scenery and culture but many of the leaders in sustainable travel operate here. One of our firm favourites is Nomad Tanzania. They set up and run the Nomad Trust that invests heavily in the environment, conservation and community.

In Southern Africa, African Bush Camps ensures money from every night spent in their camps goes to the African Bush Camp Foundation, with each camp having their own foundation to support across Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Guests are invited to visit the foundations during their stay and see for themselves the projects in place, and those being planned from the building of health care clinics, providing school meals and materials to empower the local communities to create their own income.

maasai, Entamanu Ngorongoro. ngorongoro, tanzania, nomad tanzania
walking safari, baobab, tanzania safari, nomad tanzania
Kuro Tarangire, camp, tarangire national park, nomad tanzania
Images courtesy of our partners and EA team

African travel trends 2019

Discovery and difference

Do you have a desire to travel to places most others don’t even know exist? Are you keen to experience something really different that others don’t dare do? Then discovery and difference is the African travel trend 2019 that may interest you.

Reunion Island is the best kept island paradise in the Indian Ocean. It is part of France believe it or not so you will see beautiful french influence here.  In terms of landscape, expect a real diversity from vast forests, endless beaches and reefs to impressive and active volcanoes like Piton de la Fournaise. Activities abound and the adventure lover will be in heaven here. There are endless hiking trails with dazzling natural sights plus the tranquility of the crystal blue waters. Rivers, lakes and ocean provide visitors with fantastic aquatic activities and a diversity of cultures from Creole, African, Indian, Chinese and French ensure a colourful cuisine experience and festivities.

Rwanda is known for its gorilla trekking, less so for its wildlife safari offering. Its nickname ‘land of a thousand hills’ and the renowned Volcanoes National Park home to the mountain gorilla and golden monkeys are certainly highlights.  Additionally Lake Kivu boasts a beach style component with kayaking, fishing and boating whilst the hills are a haven for tea and coffee plantations.

Our insider tip for the African travel trend 2019 discovery and difference is Akagera National Park in the north east of Rwanda. Named after the local river that flows along its east boundary and feeds into a labyrinth of lakes. The habitats are diverse from forest fringed lakes, papyrus swamps, savannah plains and rolling highlands. This means is extremely scenic and among the most beautiful in Africa.  Here you can see elephant, buffalo, antelope, leopard, hyena, lion and the sought-after Shoebill stork and many other bird species. 

What are you waiting for?

Magashi Camp Akagera National Park Rwanda wildlife viewing
Rwanda Safari
Magashi Camp Akagera National Park Rwanda wildlife viewing
Magashi Camp Akagera National Park Rwanda wildlife viewing
Image by Chris Roche Magashi Camp Akagera National Park Rwanda wildlife viewing
Rwanda Safari wildlife safari
Rwanda Safari cultural interaction
Rwanda Safari village children cultural safari
gorilla trekking in Africa, Gorilla trekking, Rwanda safaris, Family safari Holiday in Africa, wildlife safaris, Gorilla Trekking and Primate Safaris
landscapes rwanda
Rwanda Safari cultural safari rwanda markets
Tracking for gorillas in Rwanda, gorilla trekking in Africa
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African travel trends 2019:

Satisfying solo travel

We are seeing an impressive increase to the number of  solo travellers and particularly women.  Africa travel for solo travellers is far from lonely because you are not really on your own except when you call it a night. Even then the sounds of the bush are around you and it’s easy to fall asleep to the melody. Safari activities are shared, transfers can be shared too and dining is very often communal creating wonderfully inclusive and friendly environments.

For those mindful of their budget, why not look at one of our small group tours with strict criteria to ensure your experience is not compromised?

There are also a number of beautiful safari camps and lodges that drop their single supplement outside of the high season.

Africa travel trends 2019: Solo traveller tips 

Travel to Botswana’s Ker & Downey camps in Botswana shoulder season or embark on a scheduled mobile safari with Okavango Expeditions with no single supplement charged. For those looking for a ladies only trip, head to Tanzania for one of our small group trip in August exploring Northern Tanzania and witnessing the great wildebeest migration.

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