Romance of a Holiday to Reunion

posted 7th February 2019 by Danica Wilson in Destinations

One of the last vestiges of the French colonial empire, how can you blame the people of Paris for holding tight to this paradise? So what can you expect from a holiday to Reunion?


Holiday to Reunion: Important information

Reunion Island floats in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar and serves up quite a mix of romance through its Creole culture, exotic fauna and natural wonders. Landscapes here are impressive with fresh water lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Wildlife is abundant with some 90 species of birds and an impressive diversity of marine life in its coral reefs. Whales are regularly spotted from the beaches between May and September. Not just a coastal destination, a holiday to Reunion offers forests and mountains protected and designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can rock climb, hike, trek, visit an extinct volcano (some 3,000m tall, the highest point anywhere in the Indian Ocean) or the lunar landscapes around Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

History reveals itself as you wander through the oldest heart of Saint Denis with beautiful buildings and edifices you’d expect on the streets of Paris. The beautiful public spaces buzz with the sounds of French, creole, cantonese and Tamil being spoken whilst English is a minority.

Cuisine here is a heady mix of flavours from French, Malagasy, Chinese and Indian influences. Expect chilli and spice not to mention rice and pulses often served with vegetables and fish or meat curry or stews. Seafood here is sensational. Surely that will entice you to consider a holiday to Reunion Island?

Whilst a member of the EU, Reunion has centuries of influence from Asia, Europe and Africa with a crazy mix of Gallic charm, a tropical paradise feel abounding in natural beauty and fascinating history.

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The beauty of Reunion Island mountains, lakes, beaches, history, wildlife and culture

Holiday to Reunion

When to go

Never really a ‘bad’ time to holiday to Reunion Island, we share with you the best times to visit Reunion.  Keep in mind as a tropical climate, the variance between summer and winter is marginal.

Reunion Island benefits from a tropical climate with the soft breezes of the Indian Ocean. It is divided into two long periods of climate: warm and humid November to April and dry and fresh May to October.  

Summer in January and February hit daily temperatures of 30 degrees and rain showers are like quick downfalls.   The sun rises around 05h30 whilst winter sees it up at 07h00.

Winter temperatures hoover around 25 degrees and evenings are never below 18 degrees. Water temperatures in the lagoon are on average 22 degrees. 

There are two in between seasons – April and May then October and November.