Where to start

Know your Africa travel ideas and parameters

Contemplating an African safari holiday or adventure?

It’s helpful if you create a list of your Africa travel ideas and parameters.

Don’t worry, you won’t need a massive list of Africa travel ideas and parameters. Simply have a look at the questions we have outlined below and created a list of dot points that we can work through in order to get your holiday planning kickstarted.

There are three key things to keep in mind from the get-go.

Plan ahead. Some of our favourite and certainly the most popular properties in Africa are small with few rooms. This means they book out well in advance. The key here – plan well in advance if you can. If time is tight and you’ve got a short lead time, be open-minded as we may give you some other options beyond your ideas list due to availability. We never compromise on the experience though!

Know your limits. This is your physical abilities, patience, likes and dislikes and certainly phobias.  For example, do you tire easily? Are your kids bored after 3 hours in the car? Do light aircraft planes scare you? These limits are important for us to know in the early stages of planning so we get off to a great start.

Think big.  We love starting the planning process by thinking big!

Now let’s look at those other questions below to help you get started on your Africa travel ideas and parameters.


Helping you to think about

Africa travel ideas and parameters

  • What motivated you to consider Africa as a holiday destination?
  • Are there particular countries, regions or landmarks that interest you?
  • What gives you the most satisfaction and personal reward when you’re travelling?
  • What animals interest you most?
  • Are there experiences you really want to have in Africa?
  • Do you already have holiday dates in mind or month/s of the year?
  • Are your dates flexible so we can guarantee the best experiences (availability often an issue at the best camps unless you plan well in advance)?
  • How long would you like to be away for?
  • What is your holiday budget for the land arrangements? We can give you guidance on pricing too so don’t worry if you have no idea at this stage.
  • Do you have frequent flyer points for your international airfares?

Read more on how your special interest areas can help determine where you visit in Africa.

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