What countries in Africa interest you?

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The African continent is stunning and full of fast growing nations with incredibly diverse cultures, landscapes, history and wildlife.  So unless you’ve already done your research and know the countries you’d like to visit, we always recommend you ask this question – what are my interests?

Your answers will help determine what countries would be best to visit in Africa.  Whether you are keen to explore the cobbled alleys of Morocco, track mountain gorillas in the mist or see the greatest wildlife migration on earth, Africa has you covered.

The energy in Africa is unrivalled and the spirit of the people will certainly remain etched in your heart forever.  Basically the entire African continent is about community, compassion and creativity.  Regardless of where you go, you will be rewarded if you travel with an open mind and heart and do what you love.

Let’s look at some interest areas in Africa and the best countries (in our humble opinion) to visit. We know it can become really overwhelming in the early planning stages so don’t worry we can help. Don’t forget to visit our destinations page too.

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Interest areas in Africa

Journey through time: Ethiopia

For a journey through time, set the compass for Ethiopia. This country was never colonised and truly unique when you consider it was home to possibly the earliest ancestor of modern day humans.

You journey to the supposed location of the Ark of the Covenant, visit rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and be in awe at what Ethiopia can offer.

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Interest areas in Africa

Quintessential safari: Tanzania

For quintessential African wildlife safaris you cannot skip  Tanzania. Its endless plains, epic concentrations of wildlife, big cats and great migration plus a famous roll call of destinations  (Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire) make it a top choice.

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Interest areas in Africa

Naturally exotic Africa: Madagascar

For unique wildlife and habitats don’t miss Madagascar. This is the fourth largest island in the world and a paradise for zoologists and botanists with an isolation that led to the development of species unique to this land. Almost 90% of its plants cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. It’s famous for leaping lemurs, colourful chameleons and six species of beautiful baobab trees. This is seeing evolution at best.

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Interest areas in Africa

Best all rounder: South Africa

The ultimate first time Africa country for an all round experiences goes to South Africa. It is home to the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town. Here you need a full week to explore the interesting museums, tours to Robben Island where Mandela was held prisoner for almost 20 years, climb Table Mountain not to mention explore the beaches and surrounding wilderness areas and don’t forget about the penguins and Great White shark dives, even whale watching. Can you believe that’s only one city and you’ve still got to try a safari?

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Interest areas in Africa

Architectural wonders: Egypt

If you seek inspiring monuments and architecture don’t miss Egypt, the land of pharaohs and mummies and home to centuries of fascinating history. This is where you will find the only surviving wonder of the ancient world, the Pyramids of Giza.

We have worked in Egypt for years often sending our repeat guests to explore its ancient lands.

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