A Sri Lanka holiday should be on your list

posted 28th March 2019 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

Bucketlist: Sri Lanka holiday 2020

Personally, the Wilson family from Encompass Africa now have a Sri Lanka holiday planned for January 2020 and the excitement is building. Why Sri Lanka? Let me tell you…

It is almost 10 years since Sri Lanka’s civil war ended and Encompass Africa’s inception so we saw a synergy there plus Lonely Planet awarded it best country in the world for 2019.

“already notable to intrepid travellers for its mix of religions and cultures, its timeless temples, its rich and accessible wildlife, its growing surf scene and its people who defy all odds by their welcome and friendliness after decades of civil conflict, this is a country revived.” Said Ethan Gelber, Lonely Planet author

I did some digging and discovered that in 2018, Sri Lanka hosted 2.1 million tourists from all over the world, and the interest from Australian travellers is growing year on year. Of course our passion is conservation and creativity, so we are excited to visit some of the key wilderness areas, witness wildlife in their natural habitats and of course try for ourselves the long list of other unmissable experiences that delve into history, culture, entertainment and cuisine.

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Sri Lanka holiday

Signature style

The Wilsons are travelling with the children on a Sri Lanka holiday in January 2020. We also decided to plan a small group tour for guests in June 2020. As always, our intention is to provide an immersive experience, going beyond the tourist trail. We also make a positive impact on the local people, wilderness and wildlife.  We make a difference, one Sri Lanka holiday at a time.

You will get to visit historic temples, ancient fortresses and buzzing markets. You explore Sri Lanka’s wilderness, watch its wildlife in natural settings and experience perhaps the warmest hospitality in the world.

To find out more about our June 2020 Sri Lanka holiday Signature style, click on the link below. It’s for just 12 guests and you will be hosted by me, Danica Wilson Co – founder of Encompass Africa. By then I would have experienced first hand the magic of the country and the secrets of its land.

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