Wildlife in eSwatini

Wildlife in eSwatini: What to expect

This tiny country is totally unknown when it comes to quality safari holidays, and we like it that way! The Big Five are here, but you really need to work hard to find them and visit multiple national parks and private reserves.

So instead of ticking species off the list, visit eSwatini to immerse yourself in areas of natural beauty and safari differently: walking safaris, mountain biking, game drives and more!

Hlane Royal National Park and Mhkaya Game Reserve are the best places for traditional big game viewing. You can expect to see hippo, giraffe, rhino, zebra. Lion and elephants are best spotted in Hlane while Mkhaya is great for both black and white rhino.

Fascinating Antelope

eSwatini is a great place to find some of the most fascinating antelope species. Sable antelope are in Mkhaya along with roan, tsessebe and Livingstone’s eland.

Birdwatching in eSwatini

eSwatini is a paradise for birdwatching safaris. There are over 500 species of birds recorded – a truly impressive tally for such a tiny country! There are 52 southern African endemics here and one of the only breeding sites for the blue swallow, one of Africa’s rarest breeding birds.

Bird lovers seeking a-list species will find marina trogon, pink-throated twinspot and crowned eagle and the royal national emblem bird, the purple-crested turaco.


If these wildlife species of eSwatini impress you and you’re dreaming of a holiday to this hidden gem, we’d love to help. Please reach out to us via phone or email.