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posted 24th March 2015 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

Message from my sketch pad, dating back to 2005 – discovered in the recent move.

Ten years ago, I wrote something over a glass of wine that isn’t anything like a piece of literary genius. It was simply what I was thinking at the time about Africa and its magnetic power that continues to draw me back and many of our guests.

“What is it about Africa that makes me feel so happy and free? Time is nothing but a drop in the ocean. Life is all around you and so is death. People worry less. The sky is endless and so is the road, albeit a hard road for many. Music reaches the soul and tells a story. People here are so happy and their smiles make me happy. Nowhere else do you face such challenges and yet see true hope and beauty amongst the faces of the people. And then there is the open plains, endless mountains, long stretches of coastline, tropical island paradises and Africa’s jewel in the crown, its wildlife. I come here at least three times a year and spend up to 6 months exploring new camps and old favourites.

In that time, I also find myself reconnecting with the beauty of the continent that I don’t see as ‘dark and mysterious’ as it is often portrayed.  For me, Africa is about light, hope, endless skies and opportunities. It’s about freedom too and as a visitor, you have the greatest privilege of all to explore some of the most remote and spectacular destinations and experience first hand the wildlife in its natural habitat from the comfort of Africa’s tented camps, luxury lodges and unique treehouses to name a few… May I help more and more people experience this continent’s beauty, contribute to the conservation efforts and preserve the wilderness and wildlife that lay at the mercy of development.”

Ten years later, I still have that fire in my belly fuelled  by Africa’s beautiful people, places, wilderness and wildlife.  If we have already helped you experience Africa first hand, may you work with us to talk the talk and get more people talking and visiting the continent of light.

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