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Ten reasons to travel with Encompass Africa

After months of lockdown, social distancing and concern for both our own health and for the health of others, many people are looking forward to the future and making plans that include where to travel next.

So we thought it’s a good time to share 10 reasons why you should travel with Encompass Africa to Africa or beyond.. of course that’s only once the skies and borders open!


Memories to last a lifetime

We specialise in tailor-made travel that shapes itineraries based on your exact parameters. We factor in the usual suspects – time and money plus what you would like to see and do. Right now, more than ever before it’s important to find a destination that offers a wide range of things to see and do – from beach time lazing, forest walks, mountain vistas to heritage sites, cultural history and the sophistication of cuisine in cosmopolitan cities.

Escaping the ordinary

There is nothing worse than big group tours, leaders with megaphones and guests herded like sheep whilst sporting name tags.  We design our holidays in a way that sees you get off the tourist trail and into nature.

Travel slower, stay longer

It’s really important to focus on quality not quantity, so we design holidays that factor in ample time to relax and immerse in different surroundings at a slower pace. You will move around less to reduce your exposure to crowds and stay longer at beautiful locations with time to put your feet up.

Beating the crowds

We know exactly where to go for those seeking vast open spaces, whether it’s the stillness of star-studded desert skies or unspoilt beaches on the remote islands of the South Pacific. There is an opportunity to escape the crowds and explore mother nature’s beauty.




Enjoying personal space

We offer tailor-made itineraries with exceptional accommodation options to give you the personal space you crave. There’s things like exclusive-use villas, boutique hotels, intimate lodges and private camping experiences! Private transfers between the airport and hotels and private touring far away from the crowds are also guaranteed!

Authentic and beautiful connections

Our holidays are designed to allow you the opportunity to meet the locals and form wonderful, deeper connections. Every experience is crafted to exceed expectations and you will learn to live, laugh and love like a local!

Why fly?

While you’ll need a flight to get you abroad, once there it’s easy to explore using fantastic networks of roads that take you through small quaint towns and villages not to mention a myriad of landscapes that offer breathtaking scenery.

Value for money

We know the importance of value – making sure you maximise what you get for your budget. Our destinations don’t have to be five star level price tags and we also now know of some really fantastic deals to be had for travel in the latter part of 2020 and into 2021 if it’s indeed possible.



Cleanliness as a commodity

Regardless of what type of trip you choose, health and sanitation will now be a key consideration. We’re making sure we are aware of the official protocols in the countries we promote. This means your vehicles will be clean, drivers and guides will have rules to adhere to when with you and accommodations are implementing health and safety measures to keep you safe.

Treading lightly

We care about the greater good, so our holidays are designed with sustainability top of mind. We like to partner with properties that are eco-conscious and focused on lowering the impact on their environment whilst heightening the level of guest experience.