Solio Game Reserve, Kenya

posted 7th October 2019 by Danica Wilson in Accommodation


Tucked in a valley between the peaks of the Aberdare Mountains and the lofty slopes of Mount Kenya on an 18,000-hectare private wildlife sanctuary, sits Solio Lodge. Internationally recognised as the most successful private rhino breeding reserve in Kenya, Solio is also one of our family safari favourites.


This wonderful lodge has offered guests an awesome experience ever since its opening in 2010. It’s a hugely enjoyable and relaxing Kenya family safari destination for all ages. Solio a beacon in Kenya’s conservation landscape, so you can teach the children big lessons here.



Beyond the game drives

Solio Lodge offers an impressive array of activities for families holidaying in Kenya. You can enjoy safari activities like game drives and walks in search of leopard, lion, rhino (black and white), plus a wide variety of birds and plains game. Your clan can also get adventurous on mountain biking trips and scenic helicopter flights to nearby Mount Kenya.

Kids and conservation

There’s no better place than Solio to teach your children the importance of wildlife conservation and the plight of the rhino. Here, your kids can get close to rhino and hear firsthand just how endangered these magnificent animals are. Even more rewarding is seeing the positive results of Solio’s conservation efforts.

Resort-style safaris

Guests staying here will enjoy luxurious accommodation with exceptional views of Mount Kenya, breathtaking game drives and some of the best food on offer on the Kenyan safari circuit. The spacious lodge has a wonderful relaxed setting, much like a five-star eco resort. It features impressive floor-to-ceiling glass windows that maximise natural light and the stunning wilderness setting – you literally feel a million miles from nowhere. Meals, local drinks and the vast majority of activities are all included.

Magic for multi-generational families

More and more we see family members from multiple generations holidaying as a group, on a quest for precious time together. They seek adventures, shared experiences and, quite simply, time to connect. Unlike many safari properties, Solio Lodge welcomes children of all ages and encourages them to get out in the bush and learn all about Mother Nature.


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