Our website would not be possible without our guests.

A safari thank you

to our gorgeous guests for providing stunning photos from their safari holidays, feedback and stories to show case reality in Africa.  Our commitment was to deliver a website based on the real experiences of our guests, staff and guides so others can see just what is possible when they travel to Africa.

We will try to keep this up to date. If you don’t see your name on the list below yet your images are on the website please let us know immediately so we can rectify it quickly.

To our wonderful photographers who work with us to take groups over on Photographic Safari we say thank you!  Your trips always look so amazing through your imagery and that of our shared guests.

Finally our guides and property owners in Africa, we salute you for the work you do each and every day looking after our guests on the ground to ensure they experience the wilderness of Africa we all know, love and are working hard to protect. We will not list you all here, that would take forever. You know who you are and so do we!




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Some of our guests on safari

Thanks goes to

Guests of Encompass Africa

Janette Asche

Air Adventure Group

Arthur Georges

Ash Mutsapha

Alija Eassom

Amanoel Couple

Betty Andrews

Bree Ffrench

Jenny and Michael Bannister

Rozanna Bozabalian

Brinkley couple

Stuart Broad

Louise and Jamie Cooper

Danica Corbett

David Watson

Carolyn Der Vartanian & Phillip Barrrow

Carolyn Brousseau

Pete Dobre

Elleyn Johnston

Terry and Ian Gardiner

Gary Wilson and Family

Genevieve Lyon and Andrew Cribb

Bruce Goodwin and Family

Mr Gibb

Catt couple

Chandler couple

Grant and Simone Robson

Golder couple

Gower couple

Gabriela Hider

Karen Harding

Lynda Harris and Family

John Hingston

Peter Hooyman

The Johnston’s

Hannah Jones

Julie Wheeler

Amanda Kan

Mary-Ellen Egawa

Karren Gray

Kate Cameron

Katherine Haynes

Kathryn Hillier

Kylie English

Lee and Chris Pattearson

Graham and Lexie Sade

Les Schumer

Luke and Philip

Louise Lynch

The Lerinos

Heather McNiece

Mark Rayner

Mike and Liz Bemur

McGloughlin Couple

The Pilcher Family

Paul and Pauline Piercy

Rosie Pascall

Mark Rowe

Ros Zito

Sarah Zito

Shannon Smith

Simon Howd


Sue Parsley and Kevin Moore

Susanne Martin

Tania Fernandez

Terry Meehan

Timothy McCarthy

Tony and Kerrie Smith

Tozer couple

the Taylors

The Ryans

Ched and Elsbeth Twyman

Alan and Anne Unsworth

The Wedgwoods

McFie couple

Susan Ford

Lauraine and Michael Muir