Ride4Rangers Conservation Cycle

posted 19th August 2020 by katie branson in Spotlight

Ride4Rangers and help raise funds to support the continued protection of Africa’s wildlife


Funding for conservation and community projects throughout Africa is reliant on tourism, with the majority of funds sourced from park fees and guest contributions. The ongoing effects of the COVID-19 crisis has seen a halt to international tourism and by extension, a halt to conservation funding.

This loss of funding has seen many rangers laid off or their salaries dramatically cut, with devastating impacts on the livelihood of millions of families throughout Africa, and the safety and longevity of Africa’s iconic wildlife.

Rangers are the first line of defense for wildlife and protected wilderness areas against illegal poaching and grazing, and the loss of this protection puts vital and beloved species such as rhino, pangolin, elephant, and lions at further risk of extinction.

So what is being done to help?

The African travel industry has come together in partnership with conservation charity Tusk to raise funds to support Africa’s rangers, and their vital work, through an initiative called Ride4Rangers. Ride4Rangers will see the travel industry cumulatively cycle 30,000 km – the equivalent of cycling around Africa.

And you can get involved. Join us by undertaking your own cycle with friends or family – 5km, 10km, 30km, what ever you choose! – and help raise funds. Not one for cycling yourself? Support those who are and donate towards the cause. Each donation will be matched by the Scheinberg Relief Fund, which means every dollar donated will be doubled!

So break out your bicycle and start cycling for Africa!

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