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6 night Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park Family Safari

We had a wonderful trip! We loved Victoria Falls and also the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. The watering hole always had lots of animals and they did a Vulture Feeding every day which tended to bring hyenas at night to finish off any scraps.

We did a Tour of the Falls, which was very good, and we had the guide to ourselves. That evening we did the Sunset Cruise which was better than expected. Lots of Hippos, one crocodile and an elephant. The hosts and food/drink were great. As we came back very full (and tired) we couldn’t make it through dinner! Your ground partners were great – that day went really well and we all did all the activities. Boma dinner was a good experience – we enjoyed it though it wasn’t one of our highlights.

The trip to Camelthorn was a long drive to a remote train station and then a long and bumpy/cold/windy 2 hr train ride. We didn’t see much wildlife on the train, though it was a novelty for the first half hour. The staff/drivers were all very good though, they had food/drinks/blankets and a toilet.

Camelthorn was wonderful. They ended up giving our son his own Villa, while the other two shared a villa, and my husband and I had one to ourselves which was nice. They were pretty quiet – never fully booked while we were there. The service was impeccable and the food delicious. It was freezing though (the whole trip) we had jackets/gloves/beanies but were still cold a lot of the time. We did the school/village/homestead tour and learnt how Imevlo is trying to educate the locals about conservation. As our kids are into soccer and our guide had set up a soccer academy in the local village – he took us to play soccer with the kids on Saturday morning. That was a highlight.

Game drives were good – heaps of elephants, buffalo, wilderbeest, baboons, antelope varieties and smaller animal & birds, though we didn’t see any lions, cheetahs, leopards, wild dogs, or rhino (although wasn’t expecting to see these). Very few giraffes and only from a great distance, and not many zebra. Elephants were excellent – saw heaps of these and did a hide sit to see them up close. There were some lions in the vicinity and we tried to track them for hours but had no luck. The other party staying at Camelthorn at the same time as us did see them. I guess it’s the luck on the day at any location. But as I said the staff and service (and facilities) were excellent.

So thank you – it was a wonderful and very memorable trip. I’m glad we experienced it all and wouldn’t change it.

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