“It was an absolutely amazing trip!”

Nick wanted an extensive East Africa holiday combining small group tours with tailormade travel. 

It was an absolutely amazing trip! What an experience! Every part of it was full of wonder, everything went super smoothly, I met some fantastic people along the way, and all the places were very comfortable. It was really worth every cent, and I’m very happy with how it went.

All the big ticket items were great – the primates, the big game, the landscape, the incredible wildebeest river crossing – and I was also surprised and delighted by some of the other activities, of which I did a lot. In particular, the community walk in Bwindi was fascinating and thought-provoking, and the Bigodi swamp walk was so good I think I have discovered a new interest in bird-spotting that I never had before. I did manage to tick off all of the big 5 – it was a close run thing, but I managed to see a black rhino the day before I left Serengeti, which was a massive high-five moment for the whole group, as was seeing leopards. Of all the things I saw, maybe my favourite wildlife was actually a bird – the lilac breasted roller, beautiful when it is perched and even more so when it flies off with its bright blue wings. There was a moment when we were admiring one on a tree, then it suddenly spread its wings and flew off, and there were gasps of delight to see something so beautiful and free.


“Every part of it [East Africa holiday] was full of wonder, everything went super smoothly”


Thanks for doing such an excellent job of the arrangements – really, it was so slickly handled all the way through, I never had a moment where I felt unsatisfied or concerned, indeed my expectations were pretty much exceeded at every time. The little notes that were waiting for me at some of the hotels were a lovely little surprise and very nice to read, so thanks for that too.

Steph from Encompass Africa says:

“Working with Nick to create a trip with such varied experiences was so great, leaving me pretty envious of his final itinerary!”

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Steph’s suggestion for Nick’s next African adventure:

“I know Nick loved the many activities he could do within this trip and always made the most of them, so I would suggest Zambia which is a safari hotspot as well as adventure playground with fishing, canoeing, walking, game drives and boat trips.”