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The Treyvoyan Guesthouse was lovely, but the hill was so steep! My goodness! We had a lot of fun in Cape Town and purchased a 2 metre tall carved wooden giraffe from tribal collections and are eagerly awaiting his arrival! Honeyguide Tented camp in the Manyeleti Game Reserve was great. We saw three leopards in one day after tracking them for two days. Multiple wonderful rhino sightings, and great lion photography sightings of their big male.

The food was all fantastic and got to enjoy a Boma dinner on our first night. We had moonless nights there so the starts were beyond incredible. I absolutely loved the safari experience there, Anton the guide did an amazing job. I got to sit in the front twice, he showed me the conservation work that they’re doing. It was wonderful. The elephants visiting the pool daily at 1300hr was great, we got blocked from our tent to the main reception twice and had to take the long way round to get lunch!

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
Elephant seen on Big 5 Safari at Honeyguide, South Africa
Lion spotted on Big 5 safari, Honeyguide South Africa
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Hyena seen on Big 5 Safari South Africa
Elephant at Honeyguide, South Africa
Lion seen at Honeyguide, South Africa
Sunset, Honeyguide South Africa
Yawning Lion, Honeyguide South Africa
Honeyguide, South Africa
Buffalo at Honeyguide South Africa, Big 5 Safari
Leopard, Honeyguide South Africa Big 5 Safari
Elephant, Honeyguide South Africa Big 5 Safari
Photo credits: Shannon