Serengeti Adventure- The Gray couple

Our time on Safari was amazing , and the Wayo Green camps we stayed at along the way were fantastic, such a great feeling staying right amongst the nature. The staff at all the camps were extremely friendly and it was great getting to know them all. The Food was exceptional and we definitely put on a few extra kg’s. We particularly enjoyed the walking camp in northern Serengeti , it was awesome to get out there and walk on foot, knowing there is nothing between you and everything else.

While staying at the camp we had a really great moment when we were up early for breakfast just as the sun was coming up and we heard a lion roar very close by.  At first we couldn’t see it but after looking for a few minutes we realised it was just on the other side of the dry creek bed from the camp, no more than 150m away, it was an amazing experience.

Then moving to the next camp in the north where we were lucky enough to catch a river crossing the moment we arrived at Mara River. Our luck continued as for the following 2 days we got to witness another two crossings, the last one we saw which was the best.There was rain in Kenya which had filled the river and made it start to run a lot faster, which made it difficult crossings and amazing viewing, with lots of wildebeest not surviving as we saw many bodies in the river the next day, the crocodiles would of been well feed.


On our final day in the Serengeti after not yet seeing a leopard, we were lucky enough to come across not only a leopard but a mother with two cubs, who were feeding on a fresh kill from the night before. It was an amazing way to finish or safari and tick off the Big5.

Our time in Capetown was also amazing, it is a beautiful city and we really enjoyed the cheap food and cocktails.

I would like to thankyou guys for planning such a memorable trip every flight and transfer was seamless and made traveling a breeze, all our accommodation was fantastic and we were really happy with Waco and our guide. We would definitely recommend it.

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Giraffe seen on Big 5 safari.
Wildebeest Crossing, Mara River
Big 5 Safari we say baby lion
Hippos along River seen on Big 5 Safari.
Leopard seen on Big 5 Safari Holiday
Bay Leopard seen on Big 5 Safari
Mum and baby Elephant, sighting on Big 5 Safari
Photo credits: The Gary Couple.