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Self Drive Namibia is a must do!

We had a wonderful time driving around Namibia. Thanks for everything!

Desert Homestead Outpost was wonderful, the scenery was magnificent, I thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Sossuvlei. Although climbing those dunes was so so tough, the view from the top was definitely worth it! Wolwedans was just brilliant. Got an amazing shot of the moonlight there. The scenery was beyond brilliant. I didn’t think that we would get to see the Fairy Circles, so I was super excited. I took quite the few photos of them…I think I went a bit over the top there! The food was delicious, I tried some Springbok and then felt a bit guilty afterwards, because it tasted so delicious but they are so cute! The Olive Exclusive I Windhoek was amazing and actually very helpful with some ideas for our new apartment, the wood was just stunning. The first night we had dinner there and it was delicious. The second time we stayed, we walked to Joe’s, which felt really nice to be out and about walking then sitting on toilet seats at a bar!

At Mushara Outpost we ended up going into Etosha for a very short time on arrival prior to checking in, because we wanted to get as much safari in as we could! Lucky we did because we saw 6 Dik-Diks and giraffes drinking at the waterhole. Mushara Outpost was lovely, all the staff were wonderful and helpful. We ended up cancelling the rebooked game drive in favour of taking a packed lunch and just spending the day in Etosha. We were so glad we did because as we were trying to leave in the evening, a massive herd of elephants appeared on the road in front of us and around us. We were blown away!

To top it off we spotted our first rhino just past that. After checking out we spent a little longer than recommended in the itinerary in Etosha, but we came across a watering hole with a lot of elephants and two bulls fighting it out to mate with a female! You can bet I was so excited to show mum and dad that!! The bull attempted to mate once, then they fought and successfully got the attention of the female after that. It was amazing.

Safarihoek was one of my favourite rooms, purely as the outdoor shower was truly outdoors with the most wonderful view and the warmth from the stone walls in the evening was delightful! We seemed to be the only actual guests there, others seemed to be friends of the owner/investors, and we decided to do a morning drive, and an additional evening/night drive. The animals were very much flighty, we saw 5 rhinos there but I didn’t get one good photo as they ran. But seeing them was enough, I kind of took the time to enjoy the experience. I feel like in a few years time this will be an amazing concession to go to. The water hole was very cool and the hide has a lot of potential when its fully complete (they were building accessibility ramps etc). The staff there were very lovely. The Heinetzburg in Swakopmund was lovely for the one night stay. The restaurant was very fancy and had a wonderful view of Windhoek.

Thanks Encompass Africa, job well done once again.

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