Amazing Botswana and Namibia – Sarah Zito

First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for organising our amazing African trip. All my life I had been wanting to go to Africa and had put a lot of thought and research into it. I was however beginning to despair of finding a travel consultant who could give me the accurate, impartial and helpful advice that I needed to make my choices about where to go!

Then I spoke to you and your enthusiasm, knowledge, helpfulness and willingness to give impartial advice on what would be best for our specific situation made our trip possible. I was immensely impressed by your knowledge, efficiency and helpfulness when we were organising the trip and when we were in Africa all the arrangements were flawless. Seriously the best organisation I have ever experienced in many years of extensive travels.

I have to specially mention 3 of our guides – Anthony at Chitabe Lediba, Sevara at Little Vumbura and Albert at Okonjima bush camp as they were just awesome! Their passion for their country, wildlife and the conservation of these, along with their amazing skill allowing us to get so close to so many wonderful animals while never for a moment feeling in danger, their amazing ability to explain and teach and their wonderful personalities and sense of humour made the time we spent with them really special.

The Okavango Delta was a real highlight – you could barely move without seeing not just one amazing animal but heaps of them! On the first day when we arrived, just in the 40min  trip from the airstrip to the camp we saw pretty much every animal we had hoped to see including leopard, lion, giraffe, water buffalo, many antelopes, hippos, wart hogs, zebra and many more! I was amazed and instantly fell in love with Africa!!


During our time in the Okavango we had many incredible experiences: wild dog “playing” with a wildebeest (!), a leopard hunting and jumping around in the trees after a squirrel after she was foiled by the impala seeing her when she was stalking them, a successful lion hunt, wattled cranes doing their courting dance, very close encounters with elephants, seeing sable, roan, spotted genet just to name a few. The animal interactions were just mindblowing to watch!

In Namibia we loved to immensity, contrast and splendor of the landscapes and also had fantastic wildlife encounters such as seeing an African Wildcat 1 m from our vehicle (!), seeing black and white rhino in the day and night, seeing cheetahs and cubs, Kori bustard courting, lions playing, baby giraffe not even 2 days old and even lion stalking a giraffe then being interrupted by honeybadgers which attacked the lions resulting in their hasty retreat!

Okonjima and the Africat Foundation were also just wonderful – the accommodation was absolutely gorgeous, the staff just wonderful, the food excellent and the game viewing great and very interesting with a special slant towards rehabilitation of the big cats. They are doing fantastic work which I think is very meaningful and again which I will be supporting in the future.

I could continue forever but I think you get the picture!

Images courtesy of Alicja