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Uganda Safaris

We had a thrilling sighting in Bwindi National Park being 4m away from a silverback in with shoulders the size of a Mack truck. Kibale was something special especially being present and hearing the wake-up calls of the chimps at Kibale. ~ Barnard couple

We enjoyed everywhere we stay and the service was spot on throughout Uganda. Sanctuary Gorilla Camp in particular was amazing, the rooms were fantastic, we had the top one with a lot of stairs which we loved it was private and relaxing. ~ Langevad couple 



Strada couple – On our second tracking was loads of fun though and a real adventure. We found the Rushegura family after 3 hours and then followed them through the thick forest for the next hour as they moved around and fed. There was an adorable 1 week old baby which was lovely to see in the protection of its mother’s arms.

The silverback was relaxed and came and sat down right next to us, so close he was touching me! It was a truly incredible moment. ~ Strada couple