Couple Safari Africa East and South – Rowe Couple

Mark and Lauren came into the office on 16 July 2018 to share with us the stories, images and videos of their fantastic safari holiday.

These lovely guests have travelled with us before on a family safari. This time it was a Couple Safari Africa special!

When asked what their overall impression was, the answer we got was overwhelming…

‘This was the best holiday we’ve ever had and that’s no lie.’

We continued to chat about the adventures, their time in Pretoria with friends, visiting the grave of Henry Harbord ‘Breaker’ Morant, spending significant time in Livingstone, Zambia where they now sponsor a child’s education and contribute generously to local school, village and families. From here the adventure really began with time in Kenya and Tanzania. The finale was Cape Town.

‘We were so impressed with the friendly people and our guides. The accommodation was out of this world. The locations were spot on – remote, authentic and the wildlife we just could not have hoped for anything more.’

To get a real sense of the adventure Mark and Lauren experienced with us, please watch the video that we made using a quick interview with them, their images and videos.

When we asked about the stand out moments:

  1. Close encounters with wildlife in open vehicles, feeling safe thanks to amazing guides
  2. Slushies at Manyara Tree Lodge at Sunset
  3. Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain where you feel on top of the world
  4. Seeing snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro through the clouds
  5. Lions, leopards, cheetahs

And the list went on and on!  You could experience this too. Mark and Lauren are happy to chat with anyone contemplating a holiday with Encompass Africa to put your minds at ease. Thanks Mark and Lauren for being fantastic guests and special people. You love Africa like we do, you’ve been touched by its beauty, the need for others to care and give and gone above and beyond to help people less fortunate than yourselves. Amazing, inspiring… thank you.