Exploring Africa’s Ocean – Wilson Couple

Shark Cage Diving in Africa

Thanks for a great holiday. The entire trip was brilliant and one of our highlights was the shark dive. It was quite choppy so we knew to all take seasick tablets to try and stave off getting sick.

Greg didn’t get sick at all and I only had a couple of incidents. Thank goodness, because trying to get on the really thick wet suits that you have to wear to keep warm was very difficult and when the boat is rocking so much it’s very uncomfortable. Greg and I were the first in the water. Unfortunately the water visibility was not very good, however we did see a large shark swim by very quickly. After being in the water for about 20 minutes we were taken out and others went into the cage.

We saw much more from the boat and were lucky enough to see a 4 metre and a 3 metre shark. The bigger of the two, as they were moving the lure to the back of the boat, actually jumped out of the water a bit to chase the lure. That was amazing.

There were 3 shark boats out, including us, and we were the only boat that saw the sharks. So the other boats kept creeping closer and closer trying to see them.

And you were right about choosing the company that we went with as they are the only operators who use regulators. The others you have to hold your breath when you go down to see the sharks. So thanks for that. It made it so much easier!

Seal Island, which is where we dived off, was amazing. All the seals – hundred and hundreds of them. No wonder the sharks go there.

This is one of our boating and marine bucket list items ticked off!

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