Quad-biking in Africa

posted 15th October 2020 by katie branson in Experiences

Quad-biking in Africa

Adrenalin-fuelled adventure


Quad-biking is all about adventure. While it is not ideal for wildlife viewing due to the undeniable noise, it has its place. In more arid, open or desert landscapes, these vehicles are the perfect solution for a spot of adventure and fun plus they are actually less disturbing to the environment than larger vehicles.

Southern Africa boasts many quad-biking hot spots. In Namibia’s northwest far away from the crowds is Serra Cafema Camp in the Kunene River valley region. The remote desert scenery is spectacular and the quad-biking truly adrenalin-fuelled. The price tag may get your heart racing too. Quad-biking is also popular in the southwest of Namibia, tackling the epic sand dunes of the Sossusvlei region.

Stay at Kulala Lodge or Little Kuala Lodge for luxury on the private Kulala Wilderness Reserve. Both offer eco-sensitive guided quad-bike rides that take in the incredible views and denizens of the desert, including the likes of oryx, springbok and bat-eared fox, as well as fascinating avian desert specials such as the endemic dune lark.

Image courtesy of Wilderness Safaris Serra Cafema Camp

In Botswana we love a desert and delta combination so you have time in the watery wonderland on safari, walking, game driving, canoeing and boating and then head to the desert for San bushmen culture, vast desert and salt pan landscapes and thrilling quad-biking adventures of course. Jacks and San Camp offer luxury under the palm trees on the fringe of the Makgadikgadi salt pans.

Image courtesy of Natural Selection



The northern deserts of Kenya are some of the most remote places on earth and cannot be explored conventionally! So we head out on quad-bikes and buggies exploring vast tracts of achingly beautiful arid scrubland interspersed by mighty kopjes and winding sandy riverbeds fringed with doum palms.

Your days are spent exploring wilderness and watching wildlife as you make your way across ancient elephant paths and down sand rivers, immersing yourself in the ancient land and culture of the people still hardy enough to inhabit it. And in the evenings, unwind in camp with the cool breeze blowing down the lugga. Dip your toes in the Ewaso River after with a cooling drink in your hand as you watch the sun set. Enjoy a sumptuous candlelit supper in the dry river bed, before settling down to the sounds of crickets and nightjars with the magnificent starry night sky above.

You don’t have to be an experienced biker to enjoy the freedom, exhilaration, and unparalleled access to remote areas that the quad bike allows. Get to magical places that vehicles can’t access, and feet can’t reach.​ Explore the singing wells of the Samburu people of the North, or ride alongside elephant on their ancient migratory routes.​ Days are full of fun and adventure as you explore.

Image courtesy of Classic Representation