Pumulani Lake Malawi

posted 23rd July 2019 by Danica Wilson in Accommodation

We want to introduce you to Pumulani.

We can’t take credit for the following text. It was kindly written by Emily from Robin Pope Safaris that run the brilliant lakeshore lodge.


Welcome to Pumulani Lake Malawi

Pumulani is a very special spot on the shores of Lake Malawi, and after a safari what better place to unwind and relax.  (Remember you can safari in South Luangwa, Zambia and fly direct to Malawi).  After spending some time lazing around on the private beach and catching up on some sleep, from the early mornings on safari; it’s time to start being a little more adventurous.

A good start is heading out on a snorkelling trip to Thumbi Island – armed with some snacks and refreshments. There is so much to see along the way, including the popular fish eagle feeding; which Black, one of the guides at Pumulani, takes great pleasure in doing. Black apparently knows specific fish eagles and has given them names. These magnificent birds put on quite the show, soaring down from a baobab and swooping in on a fish that Black had hurled into the air. It is such an impressive and magnificent sight.

Once at Thumbi Island, flippers and snorkel masks are distributed and in no time, everyone jumps in the cool clear freshwater. The cichlids do not disappoint and put on quite the show with so many different colours on display. Once again, Black keeps our guests fully entertained by managing to catch a cichlid or two and give them a quick peck on the cheek before releasing them again.

The afternoons can be spent relaxing by either of the two swimming pools and watching the sunset from there; or heading out on the hand-crafted dhow for proper Malawi style sundowners. Finding a suitably deserted spot in the Lake you can jump off into the deep water for a quick swim, before scampering back on board for a well-earned Gin & tonic and spectacular sunset before gently sailing back to camp. Once back in camp it’s all about embracing the slow relaxed pace of African life with a lazy drink around the campfire followed by a delicious dinner. For those who are interested, our state-of-the-art telescope is available with Godfrey to show and teach you about the stars, planets and constellations.

What else does Pumulani Lake Malawi offer?

It’s not only water activities on offer at Pumulani, as they have lovely bush walks and for the more daring and physically fit, there is a 45 minute climb to the top of the hill behind the lodge.  You will work up a sweat and savour the magical views once you reach the top. There is plenty of fun things to keep guests busy whilst at Pumulani, but at the same time you have every single opportunity to kick back and relax to the absolute fullest. It is a truly special place and one very close to all our hearts.

Images courtesy of Pumulani Lake Malawi

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