Predator meets prey

posted 29th July 2019 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

CONTENT CAUTION: The following article is about when a predator meets prey and shows images that may upset some viewers. This is about animals hunting animals in the fight for survival.

Predator meets prey

This wildlife interaction that can be captivating and exhilarating to witness plus often brutal. We have had so many stories from guests past and present about the wildlife hunts and kills they have witnessed, from Africa’s big cat predators to the smaller species and even birds. We wanted to share some of those with you here.

Predator meets prey

Photos and stories by Encompass Africa team and guests

predator-meets-prey-Leopard kill in tree Big five safaris

The Watson family were fortunate enough to find this leopard who had already hunted, killed and dragged its prey up a tree to feed.

cheetah with the kill, Great migration safaris, wildebeest migration safari

This is just such a classic photograph of a cheetah with its kill immediately after the hunt. Truly exhausted from the chase, the cheetah sits to catch its breath whilst guests try to calm their beating hearts!  Thanks to the Smiths for capturing this moment whilst on a great migration safari, East Africa.

Kenya travel guide, birdwatching in Kenya safari

Carolyn Der Vartanian was on a Kenya safari and was captivated by this beautiful Hoopoe. Watch the video below to hear its calming call.

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Predator meets prey

More shots by Encompass Africa team and guests


Watch where you walk in the desert, Shannon Smith came across this desert snake that had recently fed so was not fazed by their presence. Namibia, Namib Desert.

Big Seven Safari, Botswana safaris botswana luxury safaris wildlife safaris African Wild Dog

Our wonderful guest John Hingston captured this sensational action shot (and an entire series of them) whilst on safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Right now John is on a plane bound for another exciting Africa safari holiday to capture more great moments in the wild on camera.


Jonathon and Danica spent four nights at Tswalu, Kalahari and spent significant time with the wild dog packs. Every day they got to see the dogs getting ready to hunt and heading off on the chase. One afternoon, the hunt was exciting and brutal as they spotted a warthog on his own. He was an old male warthog and not agile enough to escape the clever pack of hungry wild dog. The kill was brutal, the sound ear piercing and everything ended quickly.

predator-meets-prey-Livingston cheryl and nicholas selinda explorers

This beautiful photograph shows a leopard cub feeding. Our lovely guests Cheryl and Nicholas Livingston stayed at Great Plains Conservation’s Selinda Explorers camp and had the good fortune of this sighting.

Africa travel specialists, Kenya Safari wildlife safari lions

Les Schumer was lucky to find lions on the hunt and this moment of interaction between two lionesses shows such sensitivity.  Thanks, Les for sharing, we love this photograph captured during your Kenya safari.

Lions, Zebra, Wildlife safaris, big five safaris, Tanzania Safari

On the hunt in the heat of the day, caught on film by our beautiful guest and friend Sarah Zito whilst on an East Africa safari.

predator-meets-prey-South-Africa-Travel-Guide, South-Africa-Safaris-Lion-Tswalu-Kalahari

Sarah Zito once again capturing a cranky cat protecting its prey whilst at Tswalu, Kalahari, South Africa.

Marine safari Marine Dynamics shark diving whale watching marine bird watching

Our friends at Marine Dynamic caught this photograph for us on a boat trip with guests. He’d emerged after a small seal who cleverly escaped.


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