Photographic Hides in Africa

posted 25th September 2023 by Danica Wilson in Experiences
Photographing Africa’s wildlife

This is the dream so many guests have – nature enthusiasts and photographers (pro to amateur!) alike.

While the traditional 4×4 safari vehicles offer great opportunities to photograph wildlife, there’s something else that awaits those in search of deeper connection with the animal kingdom – photographic hides.

In this blog, we want to share the allure of photographic hides in Africa as one of the most extraordinary safari experiences.

Photographic hides in Africa

Getting you close to wildlife, this is a stunning hide at Etosha Heights, Namibia.

First, let’s take a closer look at photographic hides. As the name suggests, photographic hides are purpose-built structures designed to conceal you from the wildlife. This means you then safely capture stunning images without disturbing the natural behaviour of the wildlife.

Hides come in all shapes and sizes and locations, ranging from above-ground structures camouflaged into the landscape to hidden sanctuaries submerged within water sources. Some are day visits only, and a handful offer the opportunity to ‘sleep out’ in the hide!

Now of course we cannot guarantee sightings – remember you are in the wild and the animals are free roaming. So there’s an element of unpredictability that simply adds an exciting edge to your adventure.

Photographic hides are ideal for two different types of safari-goers. Firstly of course are the dedicated photographers, whether professional or amateur. They’ll be drawn to the hides by the promise of up close encounters and rare moments with Africa’s stunning wildlife.

Secondly, for people like me. I love nothing more than finding solace in the simple act of sitting silently and observing nature in its rawest form. I love the tranquility of the hides and cherish the moments of quiet contemplation (away from my noisy children perhaps?!).

Here, I can truly connect with the rhythms of the wild and see Africa’s untamed landscapes and wildlife of all shapes and sizes come and go as they please.

When to visit a photographic hide in Africa

There’s a magic to dawn and dusk and photographic hides offer a great opportunity to witness the enchanting bookends of the day.

In the morning, you can have your first cup of coffee in the hide, watching the wilderness and wildlife awaken and sunlight slowly stream across the horizon. The colours of the savannah really do come alive at this time of day.

But let’s not forget the spender of the sunset hours – they are equally enchanting. As the sun dips below the horizon, shadows lengthen, and the once-vibrant colours soften into a serene palette before night fall. Wildlife may come to drink before heading into the safety of the bush to find their resting place and you can capture captivating silhouettes against the fading light.

So whether you’re a passionate photographer seeking those perfect shots or a nature enthusiast like me yearning for moments of quiet reflection, photographic hides in Africa certainly have something extraordinary to offer. While the facilities, locations and wildlife sightings may vary, one thing is for sure… you’ll experience moments of beauty only available in Africa that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We’re here when you’re ready to create your dream safari holiday, getting you into some of the extraordinary photographic hides in Africa.

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