Mark Rayner

Profiling Mark Rayner

Mark is a Fully Accredited AIPP Professional Photographer we have been working with for many years now. Mark accompanies guests on photographic safaris to Africa, Australia and beyond.

We create Signature Safaris with Mark so his Trekabout Photographic audience can experience the beauty of Africa and learn from Mark as a photographer and skilled creative. Mark is skilled in digital workflow and post-processing of photos as well as being accomplished in the use of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Mark is committed to helping people with their photographic pursuits. He draws on his knowledge to make sure his guests learn what is needed to improve. Mark is always happy to share his experience and bring out the best in your photography.

Check out Mark’s instagram page for wonderful photos of Africa and beyond. Plus remember to visit our itineraries section and click on Signature Safaris to see any of his trips that are currently on offer.

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Mark Rayner
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