Our Story

Welcome to Encompass Africa

I am pleased you have found us in your quest to find the ultimate African safari holiday creator.  You’ve come to the right place.

From concept to completion, Encompass Africa brings your safari brief to life. To ensure this is seamless every time, we created our own unique Safari System that provides an unparalleled guest experience.

Rather than talk about the catalyst for Encompass Africa’s creation, our history and credentials, we want to show you how we DO business because it’s a certain kind of safari style.

We invite you to take a closer look at our superior experience based luxury travel in Africa because we offer guests a first class tailor made consulting service that has proven really popular amongst travellers wanting to go beyond the normal African safari holiday.

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A safari process like a story…

Now that you have a feel for Encompass Africa, we would love to talk through our safari process, which we see as a fascinating story. One of our favourite travel quotes is this

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. – St Augustine

There are chapters that take you on a ride filled with anticipation and excitement. You then immerse yourself in the beauty of the setting and experience it for yourself.

Even when you return home, the closing chapter is nothing short of magical as we regroup and allow you the opportunity to tell your African safari story.

It doesn’t end there because you are hooked and there is always a safari sequel to be savoured.

Imagine Africa

This stage is all about the idea behind your safari to Africa, the vision, the heart and soul of what you want to experience. We believe that it’s through imagination and ideas that great holidays are born.

Before we commit to any one idea, we take a step back and listen to your wishes, what you want to see, do and how you wish to travel. This insight is crucial for us to develop your safari holiday foundation.




Creating and conceptualising

The team brainstorms around your vision, fleshing it out and perfecting the safari holiday concept. We imagine you are there in Africa sitting in the chair…

Your gem becomes something real as we add the detail, properties, activities and touch of magic.  We bring it to life using cutting edge tools and technology. The result is a comprehensive digital itinerary for consideration.


Refine, realise, reward

Refinement takes polish, professionalism and passion to ensure the safari holiday is tweaked until it’s exactly right for you.

The African safari adventure we’ve created will realise your dream, a truly spectacular safari that exceeds all expectations and personally rewards you like no other holiday on earth.


Journeys by design

This is the most exciting stage in the process as you embark on your very own custom designed journey to Africa.

Your safari idea and our tailormade safari holiday becomes a celebrated reality as you step onto the plane, bags packed ready to go. We’re with you every step of the way as our 24/7 Guests in Africa program kicks into gear, monitoring your every move to ensure you are safe and having a wonderful time.


Safari storytelling

Welcome home from your African safari, it is your time to be the storyteller. We will certainly want to hear all about it and our relationship continues far beyond a single trip as you become an advocate for Africa safari travel.

We have a passion-driven influencers initiative that recognises your ongoing support when sharing media and referring friends. You’ll find out all about it when you book.