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posted 4th April 2019 by Danica Wilson in Destinations

Mozambique is a fantastic country for romance and you can do everything in one country. It is the ultimate bush and beach combination if you like adventure and beauty. Even though mother nature threw her force at Mozambique recently, it is still in business and we want you to keep it top of mind for your next African adventure.

So are you seeking a honeymoon to Africa, a family safari and beach holiday or a simple getaway?  It is so easy to add on a holiday to Mozambique with a wildlife safari in South Africa. Danica spent time at Azura Benguerra and it enabled us to create this fantastic video below.

Many people ask us is it worth going to Mozambique for an African beach holiday after a wildlife safari.  It all comes down to what you are wanting to achieve from your time there.

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Top reasons

Holiday to Mozambique

Mozambique boasts a fascinating history and stories can be learnt during your stay plus fantastic cultural visits and trips are able to be arranged from many of the mainland beach areas.

Mozambique islands are remote and each has rural life going on as normal so you have an amazing relaxing time and get to visit local villages, learn about community initiatives, hear stories from fishermen, the women and interact with the beautiful children.

Mozambicans are an unassuming and friendly bunch, sometimes shy simply because westerners are not part of their everyday interactions other than glimpses when wandering by.

The coastline attracts abundant marine life, particularly whale sharks and it is an exciting dive opportunity.

Fishing in Mozambique is outstanding!

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