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posted 29th June 2018 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress
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Kenya Safari Holiday News

Kenya is the original safari country in Africa and for good reason. Here you can expect great wildlife sightings, spectacular landscapes, brilliant guides and authentic tented safari camps and boutique luxury lodges. Whether you are doing a Kenya safari holiday on a shoestring or a Kenya safari holiday in style, we’ve got you covered.

Start a conversation today about Kenya or check out the latest news below to get you more excited. We’ve even highlighted a few Kenya specials to interest you.

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Kenya safari holiday news

Governors’ Camps makeover

Some of our favourite properties are owned by our friends at Governors’, namely Loldia House and Il Moran Camp. Both properties are kick starting the high season with new stylish looks thanks to a soft furnishings and upgrade makeover.

Loldia House is sporting delicately patterned fabrics and lovely old style furniture for that classic style. Next inline at Loldia House is a new swimming pool that will boast vistas of Lake Navaisha and Mount Longonot and will also feature a spa and outdoor dining area.

Il Moran (pictured) now boasts a stunning tented luxury with muted tones and vibrant accents of Swahili and Morani colours. Phase two will be a new and enormous main area tent with bar, lounge, dining all sitting on a wooden deck.

Kenya safari holiday news

Loisaba Leopard Research

If you are in the industry, you would be very aware that most of the wildlife in Kenya resides outside government run parks and reserves in private conservation areas. 

Elewana Collection has got behind important research into the social and ecological patterns of the local leopard population in and around Loisaba.  REason being is the conflict is increasing between humans and wildlife. Read more about the project here.  This partnership is between San Diego Zoo Global and Loisaba Conservancy with the important support of Elewana.

Kenya safari holiday news

Rhino calf rehabilitated

Earlier this month, Sera Conservancy in Northern Kenya saw the return of a much loved rhino calf named ‘Loijupu’.

Over sixteen months ago. Loijupu was found by Sera Rangers having been abandoned by his mother ‘Nairenyu’ on account of her being startled by something only a few hours after giving birth, running away in fright. Nairenyu never returned to her baby so little Loijupu was taken in by Reteti Elephant Sanctuary.  Here an incredible team of vets and keepers worked around the clock to ensure the rhino calf survived, thrived and could be released back into the wild. Thanks to their expertise, Loijupu has grown beautifully and now strong enough to not only overcome his ordeal, but return to the wild now his natural instincts have strengthened.

Huge congratulations to the joint efforts of Reteti Elephant Sanctuary. Kenya Wildlife Service and Northern Rangelands Trust for returning little Loijupu to Sera with a team of Samburu rangers.

Check out the Saruni blog for more details on the rhino calf’s release here.