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Mountain Climbing in Africa

Mountains that move you when climbed

Africa boasts an impressive array of mountain ranges that tempt so many of us to explore. Whether the rooftop of Africa summons or the off the beaten track Nyiragongo Volcano in the DRC we can get you there

What you need to do is ensure you have a good level of fitness, sensible approach to altitude and a commitment to making it to the top.

Whilst Mount Kilimanjaro climbing is not technically difficult, it is hugely taxing and potentially dangerous.

What is important with any climbing in Africa is choosing the right route, preparing your kit, knowing the weather conditions and taking your time up and back to ensure success.We like to ensure that we get it right every time so our guests are guaranteed that ultimate natural high quite literally.

Here are just a handful of Africa’s impressive climbs, hikes and treks for the adventure lovers and thrill seekers amongst us.

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Mount Kilimanjaro Climbs

Kilimanjaro signifies something special, a large volcano and the highest freestanding mountain in the world towering 5,895 metres above sea level. It is known as the Roof of Africa and dominates the savannah landscape of northern Tanzania. It is one of the coveted Seven Summits and yet it’s easily submitted without technical climbing ability. 

There is only one place to be: and thats at the top. Euphoria kicks in as you take a few brief moments of triumph at the top, savouring the breathtaking scenery at sunrise. Then the next challenge is getting down the mountain. You will need an eye for adventure. Its alluring and no longer a mystery with tens of thousands of tourists and adventurers attempting the climb every year.  You will need physical fitness and strong will power.  We provide the rest by way of great guides, porters to lighten your load and trained medics to ensure your body is faring well each day. On your way up, expect challenge as you walk through five different climate zones reaching arctic cold temperatures around the glaciers that cap Kibo, Kilimanjaro’s summit.

There are six routes to choose from and each one offers a varying degree of difficulty, scenery and again no special equipment is required.

Hike soon because the ice caps are melting.

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machame route
machame route
Mt Killi
Images courtesy of guests and partners

Mount Meru Climb

Mount Meru is an awesome climbing adventure. Located in the heart of Arusha National Park, this massive volcano stretches 14,980 feet high and often hiked as a warm up for Mount Kilimanjaro.

There are less people climbing, a challenging ascent and breathtaking views from the top across to Mount Kilimanjaro.  You sleep in huts along the way rather than camping and along the way there is every chance you’ll see wildlife hence the armed rangers accompanying you. There are elephants, giraffes and buffalo in the national park.

We recommend at least 4 days so you acclimatise and enjoy the scenery along the way! It’s ideal to climb June to February. November sometimes brings rain and Kilimanjaro is best seen December through to February.

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Images courtesy of our partners and guests

Climbing Mount Kenya

Whilst this is the second highest peak in Africa at 5,199 metres, Mount Kenya is also more technically challenging than its big brother with steep ice capped peaks and a massif that consists of imposing spires, cliffs and complex ridges.

Mount Kenya is actually a large extinct volcano that was active several million years ago. There are a handful of routes on the way to the mountains summit and you can complete the climb in three to seven days. We always recommend longer on the mountain for acclimatisation. Its cold too towards the top and at the crest of the mountain, temperatures rarely rise above freezing point.

This is a beautiful expedition in East Africa for mountaineers with tarns and alpine meadows, exotic, equatorial, high altitude vegetation, sun birds, hyrax and soaring eagles.

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Kenya safari
Mount Kenya
Images courtesy of our guests and partners

Climbing Table Mountain

Cosmopolitan Cape Town is home to the most remarkable landmark, Table Mountain. Thanks to foresight, South African National Parks has created a series of guided walks giving you the adventure hiker a fresh perspective on Table Mountain.  From one day to three day hikes up Table Mountain, you experience all her beauty with winding pathways through rugged wilderness, fern laced waterfalls, gorges and ravines.

The main face of Table Mountain is just three kilometres from side to side, so it’s easily conquered in a day or you can sleep at the top in a fantastic remote cottage and descend next day. Of course the views out over Cape Town are impressive as is the wilderness you walk through with 1,470 species of plants, abundant wildlife from birds, frogs to small mammals.

The policy here is ‘touch the earth lightly’ so your organised climb has a light footprint and you get the great adventure of climbing Table Mountain.

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Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Scenic Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town from Table Mountain, South Africa
Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa
Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa
Table Mountain Cape Town, South Africa
Images courtesy of our guests

Climbing the Drakensberg

The Drakensberg is South Africa’s highest mountain range in a vast rugged terrain that is a hiking and climbing paradise. It is also a World Heritage site due to its natural beauty and biodiversity.

Professional, qualified mountain guides can take you on one day or multi-day hikes and climbs throughout the mountain range. Our favourites are Mount-aux-Souces, Cathedral Peak, Champagne Castle and Sani Pass.

For the brave, you can rock and ice climb between June and August, feeling complete exhilaration as you make it up large peaks deep in a wilderness area.

Cathedral Peak is one of the most climbed peaks in the Drakensberg range and is easily done in a day.  The Bell Traverse offers the opportunity to traverse the slopes of multiple peaks up to 3,023 metres above sea level over the course of a few days.

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Drakensberg hiking holidays
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg, South Africa
Drakensburg,South Africa
Drakensberg images courtesy of our guests

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