Group Tours in Africa

posted 4th March 2018 by Danica Wilson in Travel Advice
Why Choose

Group Tours in Africa?

There are a number of reasons to choose group travel and tours in Africa, perhaps more reasons than first world destinations because logistics are more tricky, there are numerous languages to contend with and infrastructure is not always easy to navigate.

What are group tours in Africa all about?

Small group tours in Africa are all about sharing journeys with fellow travellers.

Why small group tours in Africa?

There are endless reasons why you should choose a group tour that is genuinely small. Our definition of small is 12 or less.  It’s about intimate, personalised experiences with great guides and like minded travellers.

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Small Group Tours in Africa


Size is everything – as we’ve already mentioned, the size of a tour will determine many things like whether you get a window seat on safari getting you closer to the wildlife, smaller vehicles that get you off road and the list goes on!


Perfect pace –  You know how well you travel and if moving every day is for you. Some group tours are so fast you barely get a sleep in one destination. it’s important to look at how much time you get in the destinations that are of most interest to you in the itinerary. This allows you to explore, soak up the atmosphere of Africa and of course have some down time to relax.


Unparalleled access – look at where you go and whether you can get away from the bigger tours and crowds, that’s always important for us.


Less time waiting –This is essential so your holiday is enjoyed rather than wasted waiting for big groups to gather in between activities. With small groups, you spend less time checking in and regrouping after activities and more time sightseeing.


Move with ease – How do you get around? We like to ensure all logistics are included and vehicles are private to further reduce delays.  Air conditioned vehicles do road transfers whilst in built up areas and safari vehicles are custom built with open sides or pop top roofs to maximise your wildlife safari.  The borders to cross, different cultures and a plethora of different languages will never present an issue on our tours.


Build the bond – with small groups, you have the chance to get to know everybody including your guide and create meaningful connections and perhaps lasting friendships.


Local Know How – all of our small group tours are with professional guides who have lived, worked and trained in Africa and the country and regions you are exploring. This means you get the insider perspective, learning about local life, hear fascinating stories with real meaning as they relate to where you are.


Safety in numbers – Many people feel safer in a group tour because everything is organised for them.


Live the moment not organise it – when you travel on your own and have done all of the organisation, it means you then have to worry about logistics connections and manage any issues that arise. With a small group tour or indeed our tailor-made itineraries we take care of everything. You focus your time and energy on living the moment and having the experience of a lifetime.

So there you have it, our top reasons to choose group travel.

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