How much does an African safari cost?

Let's look at the components

We are always asked the question ‘how much does an African safari cost?’

It’s hard to give you an answer so let’s give you an idea of the various components of a holiday to Africa.

We certainly benefit from knowing your holiday budget. It makes it easier to create a journey that maximises your reward and exceeds expectation. We would much rather that than exceed your budget and leave you disappointed.


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1. Flights to, in and around Africa

International flights make up a significant percentage of your budget and you’ll rarely get change from $2,000 per person.  You are welcome to book your own flights online if you are using frequent flyer points. Alternatively, we can provide you an obligation free quote using our wholesale rates.  Keep in mind you will have international airfares and regional airfares within Africa.

There are also light aircraft flights (pictured above) getting you between places in many countries – they operate like a taxi service and take off and land often, it’s quite the adventure! We book those for you to ensure an effortless safari.


2. Your African holiday dates and duration

Every country in Africa has a high season and low season rates and often a mid or shoulder season. If you are flexible, we can certainly advise you on how to benefit from low and mid-season rates. Equally important is the time you spend in Africa.

City stays are affordable with accommodation prices including only breakfast. On safari, your stay is a more inclusive, generally full board with accommodation, meals, safari activities, and park fees or fully inclusive (including drinks).  This means your upfront costs at booking are higher whilst you are in-country extras bills will be lower. Reducing the length of your safari will reduce costs so it’s a fine balance.

Your specialist will help guide you through the process and ensure the end result exceeds your expectations!

Check out our When to visit Africa page.

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3. Accommodation in Africa

Where you stay has the greatest impact on your budget. The options are literally endless in cities and on safari.  We have long standing relationships and great rates for camps, lodges, hotels and b&bs and can recommend properties that suit your needs. Just remember whilst a safari property that’s fully inclusive seems expensive, a cheaper one may charge crazy prices for drinks and other extras. We can guide you through the options to get it exactly right for you. Also check out our accommodation in Africa page.

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4. African destinations

Islands, beaches and cities are usually less expensive than national parks, so bear that in mind.

Each destination and country you want to visit increases the price of your holiday because there are logistics involved getting you between the places and of course any visa costs and medical implications (like vaccinations). 

This is where we can help really maximise your time on holidays, not in transit and ensure it’s great value every day in every way.

Have a look at our Africa destinations section.

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