Getting there, around and back again

How do you get to Africa?

If you are planning a safari to Africa, how are you getting there? 

The obvious answer is flying and there are so many route options to consider. Some people cruise on the Queen Mary and end in Cape Town where we take on their safari arrangements for the ultimate finale.

So when it comes to flights, there are options as you know.

  1. Book direct online
  2. Book direct on the phone to secure the best seats using frequent flyer points
  3. Book with a generalist travel agent
  4. Book with your Africa specialist

There are pro’s and cons with each. Booking online means you are then responsible for monitoring flight details and any changes, delays or worst of all cancellations.

Booking through a generalist travel agent may get you a great rate, just no after purchase care or assistance because they are responsible for flights only, not the land arrangements if we are booking that for you.

So why book your flights to Africa with Encompass Africa?

Scroll down to find out.

Benefits of booking through Encompass Africa

There are a number of benefits for having your flights booked with Encompass Africa.

We constantly monitor flight changes and check arrangements before you travel to ensure there have not been any time changes or worse still, cancellations. It does happen and quite often simply because the airlines operate tight schedules with uncompromising safety requirements.

If your African safari is impacted by a flight change, we are immediately notified and can swing into action and work with travel partners to reduce the impact. If we are not responsible for your international and regional flight bookings, it is extremely difficult to assist by the time we find out there has been an issue and we do not have authorisation to access your flights in the system. It is important for you to know that we will still do our very best to ensure the safari holiday arrangements are not impacted significantly with the flight change or cancellation.

Flights to Africa

Encompass Africa runs a full flight desk with access to great rates plus it means all of your logistics are with one entity.

We can provide obligation free quotes for:

  • International flights to Africa
  • Internal regional and sheduled flights in Africa
  • Private Charter aircraft in Africa
  • Light aircraft scheduled flights in remote areas of Africa

Flights beyond Africa

We understand that many guests are visiting Africa at the same time as they either join a work commitment in Europe or simply want to enjoy the best of both worlds in one trip. In this case we have the know how to assist with your onward international flights.

We can work with our airline partners to find you favourable fares to both Africa and Europe. Emirates and Etihad offer brilliant fares incorporating Eastern African and Europe at a reasonable rate. Another great option is with Lufthansa with offer great Round the World Fares visiting Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe.


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