Five reasons why a small group tour for solo travellers could be perfect for you

posted 13th September 2019 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

There are so many benefits to joining a small group tour, and so many reasons why this form of travel might be right for you. Here are five of them…

1. You’re a first-time solo traveller

A group tour is a brilliant option for anyone travelling on their own for the very first time. Travelling in a group will give you an extra sense of security – there’s safety in numbers, after all – plus you’ll have expert help from your guide and the company of your fellow travellers. Joining a small group tour will also help allay the concerns of any family members worried about you travelling alone.

Kenya travel guide, walking with Samburu

2. You want to be in the hands of a real expert

Of course you do, that’s why you’ve come to this site! We only work with the finest small group tour companies in Africa, which in turn only employ guides and tour leaders who are passionate and knowledgeable experts about the areas they cover. They’ll charm and inform you with tales of the places you visit; answer all of your questions; and take you to all the attractions on your bucket list – as secret gems that only locals and insiders know about.


3. You don’t want any stress

Driving in a foreign land. Finding a great place to eat every mealtime. Confirming hotel bookings and check-out times. Who wants to have to worry about these sorts of things when you’re on holiday? If you’re looking for a holiday that lets you abdicate responsibility for all of the “boring” stuff,  leaving you free to enjoy the wonders of Africa unfettered, travelling in a small group tour could definitely be for you.

4. You want to meet some new people

Meeting new people is just one of the benefits of going on a group tour. The fact that they booked the same trip as you means that, right from the start, you’ve already got something in common. You’ll form bonds that will strengthen as you travel throughout your chosen safari destination(s) in Africa, and the experiences that you’ll share along the way will bring you together. By the end of your journey, it’s very possible you’ll have made some lifelong friends.


5. You want to save some money

Take a look at your chosen itinerary. If you had to pay for every single element yourself (hotels/camps, transfers, meals, activities, entry fees etc), how much would it cost you? And that’s not even taking into account the many, many hours it would take you to organise everything yourself! Now take a look at the price of your chosen small group tour. Chances are you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. That’s because tour companies do things “in bulk”, so they can negotiate excellent rates, making them – generally speaking – a very cost-effective mode of travel.

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