Family-friendly safari properties


“Nature is the best playground – and classroom.” We couldn’t agree more with this comment by the trailblazing environmental educator, David Sobel.

Encompass Africa specialises in family holidays to Africa and we’ve seen firsthand the power of the bush when it comes to reconnecting families in the wild, capturing kids’ imaginations and inspiring a whole new generation of eco-warriors. There’s simply nothing like it.


To help you forge this connection, we work with amazing family-friendly properties in the most incredible locations in Africa. Each one has been handpicked by us, so we know which ones will delight your family… including your wildlife-loving kids.

Here are three of our favourite family-friendly properties in Africa, and three guides to get you thinking about a family holiday to Africa…

Family holiday property guides

Amazing malaria-free safaris in South Africa
Planning a holiday to Africa with small kids? You’ll have lots of things to consider, and here’s one more to add to the list: whether or not you’re happy to travel in malaria areas.

Malaria can be easily prevented with medication and it’s rare for tourists to contract the disease. In 10 years, we’ve not had a single case of malaria among our guests.

Take a look at our Amazing Malaria-free Safaris in South Africa Property Guide.

Malaria-free safaris

Top travel with teens
What makes the perfect holiday for teenagers in Africa? It’s hard to generalise because every teen is different, but we do see patterns. We know that friends mean everything and your teens will want to be able to connect with them while travelling. FOMO (fear of missing out) is definitely a thing!

It’s also important to know their limits – and their interests. If they love skateboarding, let’s get them on a quad biking adventure. If they enjoy playing soccer, we can line up for them to play a game in a local village. We know that many teens like to have a ‘say’ in things, so we love to involve them in the important planning stage.

Take a look at our Top Travel with Teens Property Guide.

Travel with teens

Cape Town with kids
Cape Town is an awesome destination for family holidays in Africa, and one of the most important decisions you’ll make is where to stay.

Knowing what accommodation will suit your clan is key, and the options in Cape Town are endless.

You can stay in the heart of the city, the bustling waterfront, leafy inner suburbs or along the coastline for a beach-style stay.

Cape Town has everything from five-star luxury resorts and boutique hotels to self-contained apartments and owner-run B&Bs.

Take a look at our Cape Town with Kids Property Guide.

Cape Town with kids