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At Encompass Africa, we’ve organised thousands of family holidays to Africa for our clients – plus we travel there every year with our own young kids. So we know what it takes to travel well and we’re experts in planning family trips to Africa for anyone who wants the same effortless, unforgettable experience. Here’s what you need to know:

Designed for you

  • We design every holiday specifically for the family we’re working with. We get to know you and what matters most to you and then we start the planning. We make the whole process fun – and you end up with a brilliant holiday, tailor-made just for you.
  • Our service encompasses everything (the clue is in our name!). We can help with regional and local flights, land arrangements, activities and tours, dinner reservations and activities. It means you can relax and leave everything up to us.

Effortless and fun

  • Ease of movement is important to most people when travelling, but never more so than if you’re travelling with a family. We understand this (we live it on our own trips!) and so it plays a big role in the itineraries we create. Our goal is to design family trips that are effortless, including the actual “getting there” part.
  • We work with the best properties in the most incredible locations. Every one has been handpicked by us, and we’ll only recommend the places we know will tick every box for you and your kids.
  • You can expect fantastic facilities and experiences at these properties. And – importantly – fantastic guides. Because the truth is this: without a great guide, a safari is nothing. They will make your trip. We work with the absolute best, and we know the properties with the best guides for kids. They don’t just “tolerate” the young ones, they embrace their energy, stoke their inquisitive minds and inspire, educate and entertain them on each game drive.

Safety is key

  • Peace of mind while you’re travelling is vitally important, especially if you’re in a foreign land. We always have your safety and comfort in mind. If you’re travelling with a young family, this includes things such as meal times, food options, sleeping arrangements, and things to do in “down times”. We’re always thinking ahead for you.
  • Our exclusive 24/7 “Guests in Africa” service has been designed solely to ensure your safety and satisfaction. From the moment you take off, we monitor your travels every step of the way, touching base regularly with our team on the ground in Africa to ensure everything’s going well and you’re having a ball. If there are any issues, we can leap into action immediately.
  • We’ll give you a toolkit to help make the most of every moment and keep your kids talking about Africa for years to come.


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