Canoeing in Africa


You can canoe or kayak in Africa as an activity for just a few hours, up to a week or more on a small group expedition. So what are you thinking?

It is available as a watersport, marine safari or marine and land safari depending on where you travel.

No extensive experience is necessary unless you are looking at ocean kayaking or long duration canoeing safari expeditions. Vessels are always provided along with paddles and safety equipment.

You will be with qualified and experienced canoeing and river guides to ensure a safe and memorable canoeing safari or kayaking safari. Being out on canoe or kayak provides you with a very different experience in Africa’s wilderness and a very unique perspective of its wildlife.

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Zambezi Canoeing Safaris

Whether is is the upper Zambezi on the Zimbabwe side or the Lower Zambezi from Zambia (or Zimbabwe), this truly is the ultimate canoeing safari destination. Canoeing the Zambezi River is a true adventure because no other river has its rich diversity of wildlife or sensational scenery.

Canoeing safaris are done above the Victoria Falls along the Upper Zambezi or in the Lower Zambezi Valley. Conducted by highly qualified, licensed professional guides your safety is paramount and you’ll take on one of the most exciting and rewarding safari adventures on offer in Africa.

Botswana Canoeing Safaris

Botswana’s traditional mokoro is a dug out canoe that has, for generations, been custom built to survive the harsh conditions and shallow waters of the Okavango Delta. One of Africa’s wilderness treasures, the Okavango Delta today offers visitors exceptional canoeing safaris through fresh waterways, rivers and swamps. Available as half day, full day or multiple day trips, A Botswana canoeing safari is pure paradise.

Most camps and lodges now use broad beamed, flat bottom modern canoes with padded seats and backrests. This is not difficult work. Imagine stroking the water rather than powering through. Enjoy the birdlife that soars above you, creatures great and small in the water and along side it.

Best time for Canoeing Safaris

Canoeing in Africa is always exciting and there is something for everyone, regardless of your ability. In terms of when to go, it depends on where you wish to try canoeing. In Mana Pools, Zimbabwe and Lower Zambezi, Zambia Canoeing is best done between May and October.  Madagascar is ideal too for canoeing and exploring remote, untouched wilderness. Done in the south of the country where rainforests hug the coastline, you’ll experience beauty on land and water and camp along the way with luxury camps to start and end. Best to avoid cyclone months (Jan – Mar).

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