Boating in Africa


Embarking on a boating holiday in Africa promises an awesome, exhilarating experience. Whether you’re navigating the Okavango Delta, cruising the Nile or sailing off the Mozambican coast, a boating holiday in Africa is sure to be rewarding and even exhilarating! There’s fabulous boating safaris in Botswana,  sailing around the archipelago of islands in Mozambique, Seychelles and Mauritius and of course Zanzibar dhow sailing and catamarans in Madagascar.

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Botswana Boating & Cruising

There is not a country quite like Botswana anywhere in the world. Its biodiversity and wildlife is truly astounding and a portion of the country’s wilderness can be explored by boat.  Many properties in the Okavango Delta offering boating safaris along with traditional mokoro (canoeing) safaris. The Chobe river is the highlight and morning and afternoon boating is offered from all of the camps and lodges.

The quintessential boat cruise holiday in Africa has to be Botswana’s Chobe river and its houseboats. Nothing more spectacular than experiencing the Chobe River all to yourself because after 6pm the national park is closed yet you stay floating on the Chobe in a luxury houseboat. It also means you get the best access to fantastic fishing spots whilst watching wildlife in and out of the water. Elephant abound not to mention crocodiles. This is one of the great places to test your skill tiger fishing.

Seychelles Sailing

This country is a cluster of over 100 islands and best explored sailing and cruising. Arab traders first sailed here around 800 AD and then the hordes came, Phoenician, Polynesian, Chinese and European explorers.

Today, it’s open to you and I and Seychelles sailing holidays give guests the ultimate freedom and independence to explore. From day sailing to multi-day bareboat we can arrange it all for you to ensure the ultimate sailing holiday in the Seychelles.

Lower Zambezi Boating & Fishing

The Lower Zambezi offers one of the finest freshwater angling experiences in the world not to mention exceptional boating safaris. It is home to the Tiger Fish and the Zambezi variety called Hydrocynus Vittatus grows up to 10 -12 kilograms. It’s a fighter so a challenge for any angler. The best months are hotter time of year, September to November.

Meanwhile, you can also head out boating without a rod in hand and instead sit back and marvel at the wildlife that comes to the water’s edge to drink.

Boating in South Africa

South Africa boasts some 3,000 kilometres of coastline plus outstanding lakes, rivers, streams and dams for fishing enthusiasts. As you can imagine South Africa offers outstanding marine safaris where you can get close to birds, seals, whales, dolphins, sharks and more.

Great White shark cage diving is on the bucket list for many and Cape Town is ideal to get you close to the action. Visit seal island, False Bay and Gansbaai where these predators lurk.

If you travel between July and September you may be privy to the greatest spectacle and that is Great White Shark breaching as they chase the seals and literally launch into the air.

Scientists have acknowledged that the great whites behave differently in False Bay near Seal Island, than anywhere along the South African coastline. This is because the topographic structure around the island allows for stealth and attack with distance to pick up pace and ‘fly’ after their prey.

Regardless of the stealth and acrobatic skill of the Cape Fur seals, the relentless and dogged hunting down by the enormous white sharks usually wins.

Tips for Boating holidays in Africa

  • House boating on Botswana’s Chobe River and Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba is best between March and November to avoid the rains.
  • The Lower Zambezi for Tiger Fishing is great September to November.
  • Indian Ocean Island sailing is ideal April to November, avoiding cyclone season.
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