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As a collective we are

Encompass Africa

Welcome. Our job is all about making your safari idea a reality and one that makes meaningful memories.  Before you meet the faces of Encompass Africa, it’s important you know our foundations, what we call the EA DNA. It runs deep within all of us. It is the commonality between the team, a shared purpose, passion and mission.

Our business is built on one man’s passion and an obsession with Africa and everyone at Encompass Africa shares that vision. Africa is in our blood – we eat, sleep and breathe it. We continue to seek out and craft authentic experiences that delight our guests in 24 different countries. We are truly specialist because Africa is all we do.

Our namesake is right, Encompass Africa offers each and every component required for effortless travel including land arrangements, flights and travel insurance.

At the end of the day, all of our African safari journeys are effortless.

Does we sound like your kind of Africa safari company?

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EA DNA is beyond extraordinary

Forget a brochure holiday to Africa. We create extraordinary safari experiences for each guest that are brilliantly designed and beautifully connected, from the most epic East and Southern Africa extended sojourn to the tiniest of safari getaways. One that’s based on decisions made to realise your dream without feeling cookie-cutter. All of which only become possible when we work in close and sustained relationships with our partners on the ground in Africa and our guests. These long standing relationships in Africa also allow us to forge new trails and break away from the pack.

EA DNA is not for everybody

We are passionate about Africa travel and love excitement, adventure, luxury and romance. So if you are looking for a budget overland trip, this is not for you.  We are ideal for guests who seek a transcendental safari – a holiday beyond the norm. We prioritise designed travel to suit your needs and whilst we customise each and every journey, we do find that there are some successful patterns and combinations that are unbeatable in reward. At Encompass Africa we simply won’t book a few nights of accommodation for you. We take on the task and plan the entire trip around your wishes and every step of the way you are given opportunities to tweak, beef up or par back the safari to suit your time and budget parameters.

EA DNA makes a positive difference

Jonathon’s vision was to create a new kind of safari company, one where sustainability is the undercurrent motivating success rather than just one more wordy goal printed on a forgotten mission statement.

Over the years we have set up systems and partnerships that guarantee support of local communities, wilderness and wildlife initiatives. The restless spirit has beckoned Jonathon and this vision will be expanding. More on this soon, so stay tuned.

The human touch

Early on we realised what we base our offering on is good old fashioned personal service.

We bring humanity back into safari holiday planning. We talk to our guests on the telephone, we offer email banter, skype calls and office or home visits.

This time spent creating relationships means we design you a better holiday.

It doesn’t stop when you book as the Safari Concierge service kicks into gear and when you’re on the road, our 24/7 Guests in Africa service ensures peace of mind to each and every one of our travellers


Redefine and reimagine luxury for the modern traveller

Our guests may see luxury differently to us in terms of audacity yet we share the same value and ambition and that is to genuinely experience Africa, its regions, people and wildlife.

Safari style is explored, boundaries pushed and luxury redefined.

With no contracts and unbiased opinion, we can guarantee your safari holiday will meet and exceed your luxury expectations.

Global and local

We offer local expertise as our team of professionals were born in Africa, raised in Africa or regularly travel in Africa experiencing it first hand. Equally important is a global outlook and understanding of what’s crucial to a great holiday and a light footprint.  We live and breath sustainable business practice to ensure a light footprint in Australia and Africa.

We are trustworthy

We see our staff as family and our guests as friends. With over 75% of our business word of mouth, it is testament to our commitment to guest care.

Safety & satisfaction

Our top priority is your safety and satisfaction.  We’ve designed a unique Guests in Africa service that monitors your itinerary, offers 24/7 emergency assistance and a point of contact in Johannesburg throughout your stay. There are touchpoints with the team throughout the trip so you can provide us with feedback and ask for any help should you need it.