Droplets in a Stream

posted 23rd February 2020 by Danica Wilson in Conservation and Charity

Making a difference to the truly vulnerable


If you’re squeamish, stop reading now. This is not for the faint-hearted.

There is a pressing need right now and we’re supporting Droplets in a Stream for 2020… here’s why.

Right now, as horrific and unbelievable as it may seem, children are being tortured and often murdered by witch doctors in some parts of rural Uganda. These witch doctors prey on the greedy, the gullible and the desperate who believe that the abhorrent practice of child sacrifice – where children are mutilated for their blood or body parts in exchange for money – will bring them success, protection, financial gain or some sort of blessing.

Luckily there are organisations like Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) and people working to stamp out this unimaginable practice.

As well as seeking convictions for child sacrifice offenders and lobbying for laws to declare the practice illegal, it’s building a ‘hub’ that includes a school and a rehab home for children who escape – many of them maimed for life as their genitals have been removed, their skulls sliced or their spines severed.

We told you it was shocking.


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This year, we have chosen to support Droplets in a Stream, a Brisbane-based charity that was founded in 2007 to help provide vulnerable children in Uganda and Kenya with education and healthcare needs. They’ve partnered with KCM to help fund this vital work, but they’re also creating a home for street boys, building a self-sustaining school for slum children and building a campus for orphaned and abandoned children.

We hate that such organisations have to exist, but are proud to support them.

Droplets in a Stream work with trusted local leaders to help children in Africa. These leaders are living their life in the community and know better than anyone what is needed.

To create lasting change, it’s about investing in those on the ground, the partners and their vision for the long-term. There are three components – supporting leaders, supporting children by covering training, treatment, and medical care costs and supporting projects. The projects are funded to create self-sustaining communities where the health and well-being of children are paramount.

Please do visit their website to read more about the work they are doing in Uganda and Kenya.

Visit Droplets in a Stream website