Zambia travel information

Getting There

Zambia has two international airports, in Livingstone and Lusaka. There are also domestic airports and airfields that connect major towns and safari destinations. Depending on your arrival time, you may need to spend a night in Livingstone or Lusaka.

Passport and Visas

You need a current passport with six months’ validity from the date you return home and two blank pages. You also need a return air ticket and a tourist visa. Visas are available on arrival for US$50 per person. If you intend to visit both Zambia and Zimbabwe, please request the KAZA visa, which allows you entry into both countries, for US$50 per person.

Weather and Climate

The weather in Zambia is generally pleasant throughout the year, with warm-to-hot days, and cool-to-warm nights. Summer (October to April) days are hot and generally sunny in the morning, with possible afternoon thunderstorms. Day temperatures average 25-35C, while night temperatures drop to 14-20C. Low-lying areas such as Lake Kariba, Livingstone, Luangwa Valley, Lower Zambezi National Park, Lake Tanganyika, Kafue National Park, and the Zambezi Valley can also be considerably warmer all year round, with temperatures of 35-50C. The rainy season is generally from November to March. Winter (May to September) days are dry and sunny with cool-to-warm temperatures of 20-25C, while evening temperatures drop sharply to 5-10C. Exceptionally cold spells of 0-5C can occur.

Getting Around

Most of our itineraries involve light aircraft flights between places because road conditions aren’t reliable. You can drive from place to place with one of our private guides and 4×4 vehicles. Keep in mind that road conditions can slow you down.


Consult your GP or a travel doctor at least six weeks before you travel. You may be required or recommended to get vaccinations for measles, typhoid, and hepatitis A & B, among others. Malaria is present in Zambia so malaria prophylactics are recommended.


The local currency is the Zambian kwacha, which is not available for purchase outside the country. US dollars are also accepted at many places. Visa and Mastercard are generally accepted.


English is the official language in Zambia. Besides English, 73 different dialects are still spoken, the most common being Bemba, which is also used for administration and administration purposes.

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