Christmas Gift Card offer
for Encompass Africa Subscribers!

Dear Encompass Africa tribe

As a token of our sincere appreciation and gratitude for being valued subscribers to our newsletter, we’re thrilled to present an exclusive gift just for you!
Get ready to embark on your dream adventure with a $1,200 Australian dollar gift card per booking, redeemable for new bookings for travel in 2024.
Please reach out early in the new year so we can get you to Africa.
Our office closes Friday 22 December and reopens 8 January 2024. If you wish to utilise this special, please remember to declare it at the time of enquiry.
As a luxury tailor-made safari specialist, we offer an obligation free safari booking, a proposal and a second itinerary for free.
After this point, we do charge a service fee of AUD500 that is deducted from the cost of your trip.
Thanks for choosing Encompass Africa to be your guide!

Terms and Conditions


To qualify for this extraordinary offer, you must be an existing subscriber to the Encompass Africa newsletter and have received the December edition of 2023.

 Booking Details:

The $1,200 gift card is applicable only to new bookings from date of Newsletter dispatch for travel in 2024 and must be declared upon initial contact. It is valid per booking.

 Non-Transferable and Non-Refundable:

Please note that the gift card is non-transferable and holds no cash value.

Exclusive Use:

The gift card is exclusive and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Encompass Africa voucher.

 Applicable Holiday Arrangements:

The gift is applicable to holidays with land arrangements starting from AUD17,000. 

Whether you’re seeking the thrill of the wild or the tranquillity of breathtaking landscapes, let Encompass Africa be your guide to a journey like no other.

 Act fast, explore freely, and make 2024 a year of unforgettable adventures with Encompass Africa! 

Safe travels,

Jono & Danica, Encompass Africa

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Beagle Expeditions Botswana mobile safari
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