Blue Safari Seychelles holiday

posted 3rd February 2020 by Danica Wilson in Accommodation

Escape the crowds and head to this castaway island experience in the outer attolls of Seychelles.

Blue Safari Seychelles  it an outstanding African beach holiday for those seeking to explore the untouched outer atolls of Astove and Cosmoledo together with Alphonse, St, Francois and Bijoutier Islands.

This is a truly extraordinary voyage of discovery for all ages, whether you’re a couple or honeymooners, family or solo traveller. You will explore the ultimate, unfathomable blue waters of a marine playground like no other. You arrive with excitement and anticipation and leave feeling so grateful that such a beautiful part of the world still exists.

So allow us to introduce you to Blue Safaris Seychelles.


About Blue Safari Seychelles

  1. There are multiple, remote islands incorporated into the Blue Safari Seychelles experience and each has its own beauty.
  2. There is a diversity of accommodation based on your preferences.
  3. Twenty-two thousand hectares of outer islands in twenty two million hectares of ocean wilderness are yours to explore.
  4. There is easy access with scheduled charters and each island is an hour or two away.
  5. Cosmoledo is a great adventure as you fly first to Astove and then take the boat transfer.
  6. Blue Five offers you the chance to experience five amazing marine activities.  Check out the video below.
  7. Blue Safari Seychelles is owned by Murray Collins, Keith Rose-Innes, and Devan van der Merwe, all avid fishermen who have put heart and soul into this exceptional eco-tourism experience.

The Islands and accommodations

Each island offers a different style of stay so we’ve listed those here.

Watch the video below to get a really good sense of the Blue Safari, Seychelles experience.

Alphonse Island

There are twenty two beach bungalows and five beach suites. This is ideal and children of all ages are welcome. It is open Late September to mid May.

Astove Atoll

Welcome to Coral House that boasts six rooms. Children from 6+ are welcome. This one opens early November to late April.

Cosmoledo Atoll

For the lovers of eco, stay in one of the eight eco-pods on the remote Wizard Island. Again children aged 6+ welcome. This is open early November until late April.

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Eco at Heart

As the stewards of this area, Blue Safari Seychelles works with various partners to pioneer conservation in this region. Their philosophy is to promote the conservation of the biome in harmony with low impact human development and ecotourism.

Blue Safari Seychelles Holiday marine 5

  1. Snorkel with manta rays or giant sailfish
  2. Walk the flats with turtles, rays and juvenile reef sharks
  3. Watch seabirds and spot a ‘lifer’
  4. Track and encounter turtles hatching or laying eggs
  5. Fly fish a remote and pristing flat to catch and release a bonefish
Blue Safari Seychelles holiday highlights

Weather in Seychelles

Due to the proximity to the equator, there is no real twilight in the Seychelles. Sunrise is quick, usually 6.15am and sets just as swiftly around 6.30pm. It varies only minutes throughout the year guaranteeing almost 12 hours of full daylight 365 days of the year!

Alphonse Island is situated only 7 degrees south of the equator and outside the cyclone belt, blessed with stunning and consistent weather the temperature is seldom below 22 degrees.

For Astove and Cosmoledo Atolls, the operating season traditionally runs from early November to late April. The atolls are a further 2 degrees south of Alphonse Island and the south-easterly monsoon winds blow insistently from May to October hence the islands close for safety!

How to get to your Blue Safari Seychelles Holiday

International flights depart from

Johannesburg, South Africa Tuesday to Sunday with Air Seychelles (6 flights a week), Nairobi Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday with Kenya Airways (3 flights a week), Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Paris and Frankfurt

How to get to Blue Safari Seychelles:

Mahe to Alphonse is a 1 hour flight that is available every Saturday and selected Wednesdays. Mahe to Astove is a 3 hour flight via Alphonse on Thursdays and Mondays during operating season. Alphonse to Astove is 2 hour flight Thursdays and Mondays during operating season. Astove to Cosmoledo is a 1 hour boat transfer on Thursdays and Mondays during operating season.**We highly recommend guests stay overnight in Mahe before and after their trip as any delays will cause missed flights and holiday disappointment that we love to avoid!

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What to pack for Blue Safari Seychelles Holiday

Like any beach holiday, the essentials are swimwear, sunscreen, UV proof shirt for water based activities, polarised sunglasses, lip block, hats and a sarong plus beach style comfortable footwear. We also recommend headlamp/torch, a lightweight rain jacket and optionally a dry-bag for activities.  If you are going to Astove and Cosmoledo, make sure you take UV proof zip off pants and short pants in soft, natural colours, sun gloves, 2 buffs, soft tissue for cleaning and drying lenses and a pair of flat wading boots with thick soles and good ankle support. The neoprene booties do not offer enough protection!

Inter-island charter flights have a strict luggage limit of 15 kilograms per person for the main bag and 5 kilograms for carry on.  Like going on safari, we always recommend a lightweight, soft shell bag so the pilots can easily fit everything into the plane.  Please note we can also arrange luggage storage in Mahe on request.

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