Bisate Lodge Volcanoes Rwanda

posted 5th June 2018 by Danica Wilson in Accommodation
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Bisate Lodge Volcanoes Rwanda

Genevieve from the Encompass Africa team recently visited Bisate Lodge in the Volcanoes National Park region of Rwanda. It is a luxury lodge created by the famous Wilderness Safaris. It is located in the Volcanoes National Park region of Rwanda where the mountain gorillas call home. The highlight is of course gorilla trekking and  there is so much else to see and do.

Let’s take a peek.

Bisate Lodge Volcanoes Rwanda
Bisate Lodge Volcanoes Rwanda
Bisate Lodge Volcanoes Rwanda
Images by Genevieve Thurgood
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Bisate Lodge what to expect

From the moment you arrive here, you are rather impressed with its location and commanding views. It certainly has position on its side not to mention spectacular scenery, luxury accommodation and friendly staff. From here, you are literally a short drive to the national park headquarters where the gorilla trekking commences.

You arrive at the headquarters, get allocated one of the twelve habituated gorilla families to visit for an hour and head off on your trek. It can be anything from 45 minutes to half a day depending on their location. This is life changing remember, so you want to be close to the action to ensure a solid sleep before you trek so every moment of the hour with gorillas is magic.

Things to see and do

Things to do at Bisate Lodge

You would be foolish to think this place is only for the gorilla trekking. Whilst it is certainly the main focus, you are close to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful hiking trails in Africa. At 3,711 metres, Mount Bisoke volcano is near and a guided hike to the summit is a sensational achievement because it’s adventurous and strenuous. From the top you get sweeping views of the forest, crater lake and beyond.

You can also visit Dian Fossey’s grave and research centre or go on the golden monkey trek to see this endemic primate living in bamboo forests with up to 30 individuals per group.

Perhaps you prefer a casual stroll through the local community to learn about local life.

Why not get involved in reforestation of the area and visit the nursery and plant a tree to help rehabilitate the forest to its former glory?

Images courtesy of Wilderness Safaris
In Gen’s opinion

Bisate Lodge our review

This place really took my breath away and was not in the least what I was expecting. I loved it. The staff were so friendly and made us feel so welcome, my room was divine and I didn’t want to leave except to get close to the gorillas. Learning about their efforts to protect the local communities by providing sustainable employment, empowerment and skill sets was inspirational. Seeing their efforts to redevelop lost forest habitat also made me smile. Wilderness Safaris has done well here and I look forward to seeing their new edition coming to Akagera National Park really soon.

I was asked about the ‘cons’ of the property and to be honest, there wasn’t anything to make me concerned about promoting it to our guests. The position of the helipad is in front of the lodge all because of the environmental factors to ensure safety of guests upon landing… so for the few times it takes off and lands and the little amount of time you spend in your room, it really is no big deal. If it is, you’re focusing on the wrong elements and missing the point of Bisate Lodge.

Bisate Lodge, you are beautiful – thank you for having me. It was an honour and a privilege to see you.