Best family holidays in Africa six extraordinary destinations

posted 22nd February 2020 by Danica Wilson in Travellers

Best family holidays in Africa:
six extraordinary destinations


Whether you’ve been dreaming of the wild since a child, or it’s because the kids have been watching Attenborough documentaries on repeat, you’ve decided on a family holiday to Africa.

The great outdoors. The wildlife. The fascinating ancient cultures and communities. The list goes on for why a holiday in Africa can be one of the most memorable and inspiring experiences to share as a family.


But where do you begin with planning this kind of epic holiday? Africa is a big continent with so much to offer. Where is safe and suitable for the little ones? Or perhaps the kids aren’t so little anymore and they’re itching for a real adventure.

For over ten years, we’ve been creating extraordinary family holidays to this place of wonder. Here is our list of extraordinary destinations that make for the the best family holidays in Africa. From our family, to yours.

1. Go on safari in Tanzania


Take your tribe on a truly unique and adventure-filled journey through Tanzania and head out on safari to see the Great Migration in-action. Bring “The Lion King’ to life as you undertake a family safari through some of Africa’s most famous national parks, including Tarangire, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and the lesser-known Mwiba Wildlife Reserve (just be prepared to go home with the “Circle of Life” on repeat in your ear). For a more heart-pumping adventure, combine game drives with walking safaris – a memory your children aren’t soon likely to forget. Seeing wild animals on foot, while in the safe hands of experienced guides, is a thrill like no other. This trip is designed by families with an ambitious spirit and a desire to engage in their environment. The rolling hills, open plains, groundwater forests, and massive volcanoes offer ample opportunities to witness the epic wildlife of Africa and make for one of the best family holidays on offer in Africa.

2. Experience the magic of Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Step back in time as you and the family embark on an unforgettable adventure through magical Morocco. Hold on tight as you embrace the exotic sights and sounds of bustling souk markets and berber villages.

Hold on even tighter as you enjoy camel and donkey rides, rope courses, zip lines and so much more that will see your kids grinning from ear to ear.

Morocco’s incredible culinary culture will have you and your family dining like kings each night, and you can even take those recipes home after taking part in authentic cooking classes.

Expose your kids to a place that will revise their concepts of “old” as well as “cool”. Marrakesh will leave them speechless – one of the many attractions of this adventure (the city, not the silence).

3. Explore Namibia’s deep south

For an otherworldly experience, Namibia’s deep south is best. It’s an escape artist’s dream, or simply a great place to take the kids if you want them to truly experience freedom.

Vast landscapes of orange-hued sand dunes, white salt pans and burnt mountains are the backdrop for a mystical and extraordinary family holiday in Africa. If the majesty of the desert landscape isn’t enough to keep the kids in awe, take them horse-riding, cycling, or trekking.

One of the most special ways to experience Namibia’s deep south is by air, on a sunrise hot air ballon ride that drifts across the boundless wilderness.

This ancient, ethereal land, is unlike any other in Southern Africa and is a must-visit place for families looking for on outdoor holiday.

people in africa

4. Self-drive South Africa

Samara family safari kids with guide

Bush, beach, mountains, forests, and even desert regions. And that’s just in the Western Cape, the best place to start when planning a self-drive in South Africa. A superb road network, coastal vistas and soaring mountains make this stunning and safe part of South Africa a fantastic family-friendly destination.

Get ready for an action-packed road trip as you take in the magnificence of Cape Town, meet the penguins at Boulder’s Beach, enjoy a day on safari, and spend an afternoon at any one of the kid-friendly wine estates in the region (you’ll be in good company, South Africans have perfected this family outing!). A self-drive family holiday in South Africa gives you the freedom to pick and choose what works for you as a unit, while experiencing one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world.

Are you worried about taking your kids on a family holiday to Africa?

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5. See the best of Botswana


Okavango Delta Travel Guide, Okavango Delta Travel Guide, Botswana safaris botswana luxury safaris River Crossing, Little Vumbura, Okavango Delta,

There’s a reason Botswana is among the the best family holidays in Africa, and it’s not just because of the fascinating San bushmen.

From the winding waterways of the Okavango Delta to the drier bush of Chobe National Park, it is a haven for wildlife. Elephant-lovers, look no further.

But if it’s quality family time you’re looking for, a mobile safari is the way to go. Journeying through Botswana’s big-name parks, a “participation” mobile safari will make sure your kids’ energy is put to good use while helping to set-up bush camps each evening, while a serviced safari allows you to sit back by the crackling fire while experienced teams spoil you.

Whatever you choose, no two days are the same in this wild part of Africa.

6. Zim and Zam for the Fam

From the grasslands of Hwange National Park to the adventure capital of Africa, Victoria Falls, a family holiday in Zambia and Zimbabwe makes for a truly remarkable shared experience.

Expect to see lions, cheetahs, elephants and – if you’re lucky – painted wolves, while staying in luxury lodges or tented and fly camps. You could even take to the water on a house boat on Lake Kariba, one of the top bucket list experiences to tick off during your time in Zimbabwe.

You will encounter wildlife big and small across two countries as you journey from the bush to the bustling town of Victoria Falls, and onwards to the Lower Zambezi. With something for every age and interest, anything is possible when you combine the best of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Ready to begin planning your family’s adventure?

This list of best family holidays in Africa is just the beginning.

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