Best Experiences in Africa 2024

posted 9th January 2024 by Danica Wilson in Experiences
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Ethiopia Omo Valley Graeme Lemon Wild Expeditions
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Images courtesy of our staff and guests

Step off the well-trodden tourist paths in Africa and safari somewhere many people may not have even heard of and do things differently in 2024. It’s the only way to find the best experiences in Africa in 2024.

Here’s our favourite four.

    Zakouma Expedition, Chad

    8 nights/9 days 27 Feb – 6 March 2024 from USD16,700

    Have you heard of Zakouma? It’s one of Africa’s best kept wildlife secrets in the south of Chad. This little known country and its even littler known national park packs a big punch when it comes to untouched and remote wilderness and abundant wildlife. This is not a luxury lodge based safari. It is glamping though, sleeping under canvas in the stylish surroundings of Camp Nomade. Charming interiors, friendly team of staff taking care of your every need and a guide who’s with you to open your eyes to the greatest conservation story yet.

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    Omo Valley, Ethiopia

    Welcome to Ethiopia’s cultural melting pot. The Omo Valley is remote, relatively untouched and so worth exploring now before it comes into the lime light.  Join us at Lale’s Camp and visit the isolated villages of Kara, Hamer and Mursi tribes. The accommodation is proper authentic tents with impressive furnishings and friendly staff ready to help make it beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready?

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    Masoala, Madagascar

    Did the movie Madagascar get you wondering about those vast rainforests abundant with wildlife? Well that’s fantastic – so now you have to visit Masoala and come stay at the Masoala forest Lodge. Here we explore Madagascar’s largest remaining tract of lowland rainforest, a haven of biodiversity and endemism with lemurs and many other wildlife wonders. The coastline is impressive too with some fabulous swimming and snorkelling!

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    On Foot in Hwange, Zimbabwe

    Get back to the roots of safari with leading Zimbabwean guides, where you walk, drive, watch, wait and immerse with the pace of nature.  Stay in a rustic, traditional tented camp with its own natural waterholes in a very special part of Zimbabwe’s

    Hwange National Park. This camp was founded in 2010 by a well-known Zimbabwean professional guide and our friend, Dave Carson. Its location was strategic a private concession in the central part of Hwange wedged between rugged mopane woodlands and kopjes to the north and sandy soil teak forests to the south-west. Sitting on open savannah means that the wildlife move through freely and your wildlife viewing is unrivalled. Join us as we explore Camp Hwange.

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    The best experiences in Africa for 2024 are united by 3 fundamental beliefs.

    1. That ecotourism, as a central pivot of the wildlife economy, is a critically important driver of African conservation.
    2. Rural people (often neighbours or owners of conservation areas) are a vital part of modern conservation.
    3. Last, certainly not least, the planet, its ecosystem services and its biodiversity are a shared natural heritage and an understanding of, and connection with, nature is necessary for the future of the human race.

    These experiences are best suited to travellers who truly understand and value the concept of wild and immersive journeys.

    The luxury offered is access to extraordinary places and experiences that are only available to a few discerning travellers each year.

    It’s less about cotton thread counts, champagne and caviar and more about getting you in into areas of natural beauty, untouched by mainstream tourism.

    Are you ready?