Artist Kate Jenvey

Profiling Kate Jenvey

“There are many ways where creativity can be used to raise awareness in the line of conservation. It brings the beauty and fragility of nature to a diverse audience and into peoples’ home” says Kate Jenvey.

A regular donor of artwork for conservation, Kate recently sent a drawing to Africa where the proceeds from the sale went to Save the Rhino.

Born in Kenya and raised in East Africa for the first 9 years of life, it is understandable why Africa’s wildlife and wilderness treasures have had such a powerful influence over Kate. “I began drawing from a young age thanks to encouraging parents [avid photographers] who understood the power of creativity.”

“We had so many amazing adventures and my excitement was beyond containment at the anticipation of what could and did eventuate on these trips. So it became important to me to capture the moments in my artworks.”

Kate is a realistic oil painter and pencil artist, using nature for her inspiration. “Pencil is perfect for capturing the detail of animals, whilst oil allows freedom to paint a bit looser in style and approach.”

To see more Kate Jenvey art visit her website.
Artworks by Kate and Kate in Africa