Accommodation in Victoria Falls

posted 25th January 2018 by Danica Wilson in Work in progress

New Victoria Falls accommodation coming soon

Old Drift Lodge

If a visit to the Falls is on the agenda as part of your African safari holiday, you’ll need to know about accommodation in Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls is worth visiting for oh so many reasons. Whilst we want to tell you about a new lodge, we also want to remind readers why to visit… here we go.

  1. Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage site
  2. Victoria Falls is damn impressive when it is full waters (earlier in the year)
  3. The history of the area is fascinating
  4. There are so many activities on offer for thrill seekers, history buffs and beyond
  5. Outstanding vibe in the town, easy to get around
  6. Restaurants and cafes offering great food, service and some unique settings
  7. Hop skip and jump away from the Chobe National Park – available to visit as a day trip or add on a few nights
  8. Accomodation galore with great options from owner run B&Bs, boutique hotels, luxury tented properties in reserves and on the river and more opening all the time!

Now I can tell you about the new property in development as I sit here typing my blog.  It’s called the Old Drift Lodge.  It will speak to the rich heritage of the Victoria Falls area and surrounds.  Accommodation in Victoria Falls now on our radar that’s for sure!

Why the name? Well, a ‘drift or ‘ford’, is a shallow place in a river or stream where you can safely cross without using an actual boat.

Back in 1898, the Old Drift was used by locals as a crossing point over the Zambezi River between the then Southern and Northern Rhodesia (today, it’s known as Zimbabwe and Zambia – both outstanding safari holiday destinations). The drift site gained popularity and became the busiest crossing point on the river because here, supplies could be easily ferried and livestock could literally swim to the opposite bank.


The Old Drift was eventually abandoned primarily because settlers relocated. From this point, the town of Victoria Falls began to transform into the holiday destination it is today.

Whilst civilisation progressed, Old Drift was reclaimed by nature and returned to its original state with trees taking over the place of buildings, wildlife moved in rather than people and in the National Park, the Zambezi River was the only traveller to witness the change.

Old Drift Lodge will reside on this stunning stretch of land, fertilised by a history of hard work and innovation.

Opening in 2019, Old Drift Lodge is set to impress visitors with its beautiful, relaxed atmosphere, family friendly accommodation and all the creature comforts yet quite a rustic setting because you sleep under canvas.  Air conditioning, old school settings blend into the natural environment.

Your suite is nothing short of WOW – private lounge, indoor and outdoor showers, a plunge pool, outdoor bath all overlooking the Zambezi River.

In the main area, you can relax and take in the 360 degree views, north facing onto the Zambezi & south facing onto a water hole.

It sounds elaborate and will be – whilst simultaneously focusing on sustainability. There are solar panels, recycling stations and everything possible to keep carbon footprint as small as possible.

How to get there? Well that’s part of the fun, you will transfer by luxury cruise boat 15 minutes to Victoria Falls.

What to do? Other than relax and soak up the setting, the emphasis is on nature – wildlife roams through the park and swims in the river before you. So you’ll head out by road, river and on foot. This is a natural utopia to be fair.

Why here? It keeps the safari experience alive and well and away from the fast pace Victoria Falls Town.  Just 4.5 kilometres from the town of Victoria Falls you still have access to all the attractions and activities on offer there.


accommodation in Victoria Falls
accommodation in Victoria Falls
accommodation in Victoria Falls
accommodation in Victoria Falls
accommodation in Victoria Falls
accommodation in Victoria Falls
Past images from history books, future designs for inspiration

Victoria Falls is the ultimate destination for a wow factor experience. From here you can easily explore Zimbabwe safari regions like Hwange and Mana Pools.

Why not venture into Zambia safari regions like South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi.

Or take a direct flight to Nairobi to start your Kenya safari.

So many options.

We can talk you through all the possibilities.

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