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Travelling to Africa’s out of the question right now, so let us bring Africa to you!


We’re living in crazy times, that’s for sure. With everyone in lockdown and getting cabin fever, we wanted to try and bring a tiny bit of light into these dark times for people who love Africa.

So we’ve created Virtual Traveller, bringing Africa to your inbox so you can escape to this incredible continent for a few precious moments – virtually, at least! 

Over the coming weeks we’re going to try and give you a taste of the Africa we know and love through bite-sized bits of inspirational content that we hope will keep your sense of wanderlust sated.

You’ve probably signed up to newsletters from other companies before and been hit with a barrage of sales bumph. This is not one of those newsletters! It’s more like a mini magazine. Every item in every issue is there to help take your mind off the dreaded “c” word. We just want to take you beyond your four walls and remind you of the magnificent continent and great times that are waiting for you when all of this is over.

Some issues will be short and sweet, some will be deeper dives. You’ll be treated to everything from profiles of some of our favourite camps, to recipes for traditional African dishes. We’ll share our favourite movies about Africa to add to your ever-growing list of things to watch while you’re holed up at home, and tell you some of the books we recommend as well – both fiction and non-fiction. We’ll hook you up with live animal cams so you can watch animals drinking at waterholes and listen to the magical sounds of the bush (you’ll feel like you’re there!). On top of this there will be amazing imagery, fun facts and so much more.

The sole aim of Virtual Traveller is to give you some respite from all the doom and gloom, and to remind you of the beauty in this world. We just want to encourage you to stay positive during this time and continue dreaming of Africa.

If this sounds like the sort of distraction you need right now, simply sign up for Virtual Traveller below. Over the coming weeks, we’ll deliver the very best of Africa direct to your inbox.

Stay safe, our lovely EA Tribe!

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